Social Search Revolutionizing The Internet And SEO Industry

How Social Search Will Revolutionize the Internet & Transform the SEO Industry

For many, these options will be an interesting, if not necessarily useful way of searching for information on the internet. However, where it leaves SEO

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The swift and decisive move by search engines to enhance their search experience and tailor it even more towards individual needs should come as no surprise. This is, after all, the fast and furious world of the web and its ever increasing number of social-networking sites.

Twitter and Facebook are fast growing and popular, with Bebo, MySpace and Plurk also well known and trendy cyperspaces to meet friends, blog and share a wide range of media. Data from such shared communications is often protected by a never-ending range of privacy settings. But for some people, sharing a photo, status or likes and dislikes publicly is all part of the fun.

The latest development now sees search engines teaming up with social-networking sites to create what is known as social search. They aim to enhance and personalise their services by using this publicly shared data.

By working with Facebook and Twitter, search engines such as Google, Ask and Bing are able to provide their users with far more detailed search results. More to the point, the search and the search results can provide a more personal and tailored response to a searcher’s requirements.

For example, if Facebook users enable their public-search options, Bing can return results that are based on the ‘likes’ of a Facebook friend. Similarly, Google has teamed up with Twitter and now includes relevant tweets within its search results.

For many, these options will be an interesting, if not necessarily useful way of searching for information on the internet. However, where it leaves SEO companies is another matter.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies are specifically focused on enhancing and improving the visibility of a web page or site using search-engine results. However, although these companies are of experienced and used to working with search engines, they are now starting to assess the potential and the impact of searches based on social-networking data.

With those in the know asking whether they should or will need to change their approach, it seems inevitable that SEO companies will in fact form an important part of this digital evolution. Search engine optimisation is always moving and shifting, its dynamic nature a defining element of competitive online business.

For an SEO company, it’s a case of getting a client to the top of the results list. It has to use all methods available to then make sure they stay there. In the light of the development of social search, the process used to achieve such goals will need to shift a little.

As new networking sites and new applications within these sites develop, effective ways of working with and managing the associated data will need to be found. Staying on top of developments such as these and working with social media will certainly be crucial.

Crucial not only to successful results, but to a loyal and large client base that recognise an affordable, cheap SEO agency with in-depth knowledge, effective application of such knowledge and the ability to understand where and when the tide will turn next.

Innovation on the part of search engines must go hand in hand with the development of affordable and effective SEO techniques. A reliable and cheap SEO agency must be ready with new ideas that see their business take a greater role in the enhancement of a client’s reputation as well as their rank.

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Roxanne Peterson

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    • Paradux Media Group says

      Thank you so much for stopping by Felicia and sorry for the belated reply. You bring up a great point with privacy issues. Transparency and privacy are not bedfellows and the more social media becomes a part of search the more transparent things become..

  1. Peter says

    I do find it interesting what companies like google have pursued in terms of new more “Personalized” search – although however, I do have a problem with the fact that on networks such as google plus, most of the people that are primarly using the network happen to have an interest in technology etc while facebook is more personal – and google doesn’t integrate that.

    So the way that personalized search is progressing is one where the people that we don’t want to really have influencing our stream happen to be the people that we don’t actually “know” – outside of being recommend something by family or friends.

  2. Kate Brown Wilson says

    I have to admit this is a good news, before I really don’t know that there are too many social media site that rules the internet and network. once source of our daily income is using this social media sites for business.

  3. Tisha Oehmen says

    Roxanne, thanks for sharing such an important part of search these days. There is no doubt, social networks heavily influence search engine results. Don’t get me wrong, traditional SEO is also critical, but social is a bigger part of SEO every day

  4. Mike Frey says

    Thanks for the post Roxanne, certainly by integrating social media into searches you’re certainly going to have more relevant searches, and certainly social media means a whole lot more that Google + to create relevant searches..

  5. social network sites says

    Thanks lot of shearing your great post .thanks for sharing such an important part of search these days. There is no doubt, social networks heavily influence search engine results.

  6. Pranjal says

    With the recent updates in the Google algorithms, I can say only social sharing sites are the best place to generate high quality and “future-proof” links to your site. Anyhow thanks for sharing this wonderful info!

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