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Brandprinting System Personality Scale


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  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know with certainty what your company's brand is? Have you ever wondered how you could have the time, energy, and expertise to identify your brand? Have you ever wondered if you were leaving money on the table every single time someone bought your product or service because you didn't have a brand?

    The Brandprinting System can help you create your brand, easily and painlessly. This revolutionary system will help you identify your brand personality in less than 15 minutes! And it doesn't stop there. The Brandprinting System also helps you to identify other key elements of your brand, including Brand Essence, Brand Values, and your Ideal Customer. Quickly and easily.

    Why struggle another moment on creating your brand, when you can use the Brandprinting System from Paradux Media Group to identify your brand position.

  • Brand Personality Scale

    This revolutionary system will have you understanding your brand’s personality in under 15 minutes. In less than the time, it takes to get and drink your morning cup of coffee you could be implementing strategy consistent with your brand’s personality.

  • Ruggedness Dimension

    To get started, simply enter a value between 1 and 5 in each of the cells below.

    1 = Not at all Descriptive
    5 = Extremely Descriptive

  • Outdoorsy Facet
  • enjoying outdoor activities
  • of, relating to, or suited to men or boys
  • of, or relating to the American West


    Tough Facet
  • physically and emotionally strong; able to do hard work; physically strong and violent
  • strong and determined

    Ruggedness Facet Results

    Please ensure that the numbers below are different. If they are not, please alter one of the scores above so that they are different. It is important that each facet returns​ a unique result.

  • Choose​ the Facet with the highest value above.
  • The overall level that the Ruggedness Dimension contributes to your overall Brand Personality