Jackson, affectionately known as Jack, is an important member of the Paradux Media team. Jack takes his role as the office mail collector very seriously and always ensures that the team receives the mail on time every day at 9:30 am. He is diligent in his duties and is quick to remind the team if the delivery is late in any way.

In addition to collecting the mail, Jack also takes his role as office defender seriously. He is always on the lookout for potential threats, especially pickup trucks with dogs in them that might be driving past. Jack’s protective nature is appreciated by the team, who know they can always count on him to keep them safe.

Aside from his important job duties, Jack is also known for his friendly and playful personality. His specialty is making sure that the entire Paradux team has a cold nose on their arm at least once a day. This simple act of affection brightens up everyone’s day and is a reminder of Jack’s love and appreciation for his colleagues.

Jack is also a master at greeting visitors. He makes sure that all visitors understand how happy he is to see them by thoroughly greeting them throughout their time at The Pond. Jack’s warm personality and infectious wagging tail leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets, and visitors often remark on how much they appreciate his greeting.

In conclusion, Jack is an invaluable member of the Paradux Media team. He takes his job responsibilities seriously, whether it’s collecting the mail or defending the office, and adds a touch of playfulness and affection to the workplace. His presence is felt and appreciated by everyone at The Pond, and he is a cherished member of the team.


Jackson, Mail Clerk/Office Protector