What is this Opt In Thing Everyone’s Talking About?

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An opt-in is a gift you give someone for the “price” of them sharing with you their email address. The goal of any opt-in is to build up your email list and to increase the number of contacts you have, therefore the number of potentially qualified leads you have, and so on. Size really does matter when it comes to email lists.
There are lots of different kinds of opt-ins that you can create and give away. The easiest of which is an eBook. This is a 10-20 page document on a particular topic that you have written (or have the rights to). It works best of the eBook is on a topic that your business provides solutions for and one that appeals to your target audience.
Functionally the way that it works is that you use an email system to capture an email address (like MailChimp), and you create a form in that system that captures the email address and a name. That system then sends a request to them, asking them to confirm their request. When they do, an email is automatically sent that includes the link that your eBook is available at, so that they can download it.
There are lots of different kinds of opt in gifts you might consider, including:
  • host a challenge
  • templates
  • teleseminars/webinars
  • ebooks
  • members’ only specials
  • ecourses
  • case studies
  • free chapter
  • free software
  • free trials
  • and the list goes on an on, limited only by your imagination.

This would be an ideal time to choose one opt in gift and start setting it up in the mail system of your choice, of course, if you’d like some help, we’d be thrilled to give you a hand. Just Contact Us for more information.

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