Which Branding Guide Examples Should You Go For?

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which branding guide examples should you go forIs finding the ideal branding guide examples stressing you? Or does it seem like the best ideas have already been taken? Well, you aren’t the only one facing such difficulties. In fact, in today’s world, branding is the backbone of many businesses, and failure to adopt the best means the company losing out to the competitors.

So, how do you find the best guide for your brand? You wouldn’t want to annoy the marketing manager because your design is too complicated, right? Also, you don’t want the IT team saying your brand isn’t tech-savvy enough. What you should do is ask yourself the following questions when looking for the appropriate guide:

Does The Branding Guide Inform?

Let’s face it; the main role of coming up with the branding strategy in the first place is to inform the public. It, therefore, makes more sense to follow a guide that is informative and clearly tells people what the brand is all about. The IT geek, the suave marketer, the experienced customer, or the ordinary Joe should easily be able to get the right information. To achieve this you need to focus on the following:

-Know the target market
-Use the right format
-Understand the goals of the company

A guide for graphic designers is more graphical and visually appealing compared to that of writers which is more voice and text-oriented.

Does The Branding Guide Inspire?

Ok, you’ve finally found a brand identity guideline that suits the company’s ambition and is liked by the various departments. The marketing team can’t wait to roll it out, the IT department has approved it, and other departments have given it the thumbs up. But, do the branding guide examples inspire the people? Will it encourage the customer actually to want to be part of it?

A good brand touches the heart and soul of the company, and also gives the company a face. For it to “wow” the customer and create brand loyalty, or excite the CEO it has to have a personality as well as voice. As a common saying states “a company that lacks great branding is a lifeless entity.”

Is The Branding Guide Easy To Enforce?

A good guide is supposed to be more of a servant than master and comes out as meek. This is the best way to inspire people to want to be part of it. However, great brands need to be enforced. This means they create guidelines that are aimed at protecting it from misuse, abuse, or violation. This ensures that customers understand what it means to be part of the brand and what happens when they violate it. Focus is mainly placed on:

-Protecting the brand fully
-Clearly setting out the rules and regulation (The dos and don’ts)
-Always being prepared in case of any mishaps or unlikely incidents

Though it might look a bit severe or like the “Bad Cop” enforcing the brands helps protect and preserve it.

The issues mentioned assist in coming up with a great brand that is in line with the company’s goals. This has become critical today where the survival of most businesses depends on brand loyalty. Following the above tips on branding guide examples comes handy in creating as well as preserving a great brand.

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