Do You Have a Business Blog?

Is a business blog still a thing?  Do people read them?  And does blogging help your company?  YES.  What’s changed is how businesses use blogs. 

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Blogging isn’t a new thing.  It’s hard to call something an innovative idea when blogging reached popularity during the mid 2000’s.  By January of 2005, 32 million Americans, or nearly 10% of the population, were routinely reading blogs.  Even more of us discovered how online blogs connect people with shared interests through the 2009 release of the popular film, Julie & Julia.

But that was eleven years ago.  Is a business blog still a thing?  Do people read them?  And does blogging help your business?  YES.  What’s changed is how businesses use blogs.  Today we employ several innovative approaches for optimizing written content to help businesses succeed.

Here are just a few reasons it is important to have a business blog:

  1. Do you have a business blog?A good blog can help customers realize they need your product. Many blog articles provide education and information about the products and services the business provides.  Often, customers might not be aware of all the products you carry or how a service you offer will benefit them.
  2. Blogs help readers realize your expertise, and that grows the trust they have in your business. By providing technical knowledge and up-to-date information about your product or service, customers achieve peace of mind recognizing that you know your stuff.
  3. The sky’s the limit for using blog material to communicate with current and potential customers. You can increase your business’ visibility by sharing content via customer email lists and various social medium platforms.
  4. Your customers will share information they find interesting and relevant. The best part of modern communication technology is that emails are easily forwarded and posts routinely shared.  With a few simple clicks, your readers will share your content with their friends and family and increase your company’s visibility.
  5. Blog material posted on your website includes content that is picked up by search engines. When customers use search engines to look up information about products and services your company provides, you want your business to be on the top of the results list.  Effective content is designed with search engine optimization in mind.

But isn’t writing a regular blog hard work?

You are likely not in the business to write regular articles about your company and the products and services provided.  It can be time-consuming and difficult to know what to say.  That’s where Paradux Media Group can help.

Paradux Media Group has professional content writing resources available to publish consistent and fresh material on your website.  Whether your goal is to attract readers to your products and services or help customers better understand what your company is all about, we provide customized services to meet your needs.

Let our team show you how easy we can make it for you.  Contact us at Paradux Media Group today to book your free consultation.

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