Crisis Communication: Having the Right Messaging for the Most Critical TimesWhether you are experiencing an unexpected event within your own business or an emergency impacts the community at-large, having well-planned a crisis communication plan is critical to keeping your business running smoothly.  Paradux Media Group has in-house expertise to help you develop a crisis communication plan for any situation. Here are a few key considerations we use when we help our clients:

  1. Be prepared in advance. The thing about crisis events is that they happen when you least expect them and can create instantaneous stress, chaos, and confusion.  By using an internal group of staff to identify potential emergency situations and working with a professional communications expert to outline templates, you’ll be more confident about getting the right message out when tragedy strikes.
  2. Keep your company’s mission and values central. Reinforcing the core tenets of your business will make your staff, clients, and the community feel more assured and confident of your strength.
  3. Be human. By creating messaging that is honest, transparent, and empathetic you’ll build trust and convey your true care for people in need.  This is not the time for legal jargon, marketing spin, or a hidden sales pitch.
  4. Emphasize, “We’re all in this together.” Your loyal customers will want to help your business survive.  Be clear about how they can help:  purchasing gift certificates, shopping from you online, visiting alternative locations, etc.  Alternatively, share what you and your team members are doing to help the community:  volunteering, donations, free delivery, discounted pricing, extended payment terms, zero-interest loans, etc.
  5. Breathe before your speak…or hit send. Tragedies hit us hard and can send us through emotional roller coasters from denial to confusion to panic.  Before you communicate, make sure you’ve taken a little extra time to digest what is happening, what the impacts are, and what your team or the public needs to know.  If possible, consult with your marketing professionals before finalizing communications.

By partnering with Paradux Media Group, we’ll be right at your side to help you with all your crisis communication needs.  We can guide you with messaging for your company’s website and social media sites, generate emails for your customers, write press releases, and consult about communications for your internal team members.  Contact us today to learn more.

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Angela Peacor is the master of words for the Paradux Media team, providing unique content for digital and traditional marketing projects. She combines real-world experience with research to create engaging content for our clients and their customers. Her work includes writing material for various industries, from petroleum distribution to cosmetics, green energy, agriculture, alternative health supplements, construction, towing, and even a local butcher. You name it, Angela can write about it.

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