Tips for Making Your Kickstarter Campaign a Success

Need to figure out how to get your invention into production?  A Kickstarter campaign might be a solution for you.

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Do you have a novel idea for a product or service?  Need to figure out how to get your invention into production?  A Kickstarter campaign might be a solution for you.

Kickstarter launched in 2009 as an online crowdfunding platform.  Essentially, people present their ideas online and viewers who find the ideas appealing can back them with either a contribution or commitment to purchase.  According to Kickstarter, 19 million people have backed projects with $5.4 billion–resulting in the funding of 192,393 projects.  That’s quite a venue for budding entrepreneurs to get the capital they need.

Kickstarter Campaign Tips

Tips for Making Your Kickstarter Campaign a SuccessBefore logging onto Kickstarter and loading up your newest idea, here are a few tips about running a successful campaign:

  1. Try out your idea on friends or family first. Even if you don’t have the money to build a prototype, discuss your idea with people you trust to give you honest and critical feedback.  You’ll want to make sure other people find your idea as interesting as you do.
  2. Do your research. Get in touch with your city’s small business development network to learn about manufacturing options, reasonable operating costs, tax liability, and more.  This information is critical to determine how many units you will have to sell to break even on your product.
  3. Make sure you can produce. Measure your time and financial resources well to ensure you can make the product or deliver the service you are planning to promote.
  4. Be prepared to put yourself out there. People log into Kickstarter and fund projects for two reasons:  1) they need the product or service, and/or 2) they like to support people who share their entrepreneurial spirit.  By speaking from your heart about how your invention is a product of your dreams, you’ll attract backers who want to help you succeed.
  5. Hire a local advertising agency to help you. A full Kickstarter campaign involves supplying written content about you, your products, and how they will fulfill someone’s needs.  Today’s successful campaigns also include professionally filmed and edited video footage.  A marketing company will make sure you put your best foot forward and help you put together all the details you need for the campaign.

Want to get your new idea to market?

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