Just as ducks flock together to reach a specific destination, your team needs a marketing plan to align their efforts to achieve your company’s goals.  When you work with a marketing agency like us, we’ll help you and your team come together to create a plan designed specifically for your organization’s needs.  Components of most marketing plans include:

  1. Is your team ready to fly? Make sure your marketing plan shows them the wayA situational analysis. Sometimes these are referred to as SWOT analyses (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), but overall a situational analysis is a review of your business in the marketplace and how it is poised for success.  In this stage, you’ll describe what your competitive advantage is—what makes your company unique in a way that makes it more desirable to customers than your competition’s.  You’ll also identify what barriers might attempt to get in your way.
  2. Identification of your target audience. No matter how good your product or service, it is not ideal for everyone.  By identifying the demographic of consumers that your product can serve the best, you’ll more aptly make use of your marketing budget to attract customers in ways that lead to sales, repeat business, and referrals.
  3. Goals.  Any good plan needs to identify what the goals for success are.  These might include sales numbers, customer satisfaction scores, return to investors, or other measurable results.
  4. Strategies with timelines and deliverables. The first step is to develop broad strategies you believe will lead to the achievement of your goals.  Next, with the help of your team, refine those strategies into scheduled action steps.  This section of your plan will serve as a playbook throughout the year to direct your activities and measure your progress.
  5. The budget. You’ll need money for most, if not all, the activities in your marketing plan.  A well-defined budget will keep your finances in check so you know where each dollar is going and marketing results can be measured against investment.

To create a marketing plan for your organization that aligns your flock in a perfect V-formation to efficiently achieve your goals, contact Paradux Media Group today.  We’ll make it as easy as a duck takes to water!

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