A Guide to Help Small Businesses Create a Great Annual Marketing Plan

A guide to help small businesses create a great annual marketing plan so that they can be as successful as large business - on their terms.

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A great marketing plan is important for many small businesses to be successful. There are multiple parts to creating an effective marketing plan, which is why small businesses have to figure out what they would like to accomplish. With that being said, here is a guide to help small businesses develop a great annual marketing plan.

A Guide to Help Small Businesses Create a Great Annual Marketing PlanBrainstorming Your Annual Marketing Plan

Initial Planning. As you start to compose your marketing plan, make sure that you have access to several pieces of important information. Make sure that you have a copy of your business’s most recent financial reports. You should also have a list of each product, along with the target markets. Analyze your marketplace. You should be aware of your competitors, distribution channels, demographic data, and geographical location.

Write Down Your Business Goals

You should have a clear idea of what you want your business to accomplish. Having a clear idea of your business goals and objectives will enhance your marketing plan. Your marketing plan should outline how your business plans to reach its goals. Add a timeline to your goals. Adding a timeline to your goals will give you a clear focus, while also adding a dynamic to your marketing plan.

Being Unique

It’s important that you emphasize the features that separate your business from others. Create an approach that is different from your peers. Add a unique selling proposition to your marketing plan. A unique selling proposition helps outline exactly how your business performs services in a different manner compared to the competition. Define what makes your business the right choice and why customers should support your business.

Pricing Budget 

Research the best price point for your products and services. Use that data to support your marketing plan. Take time to develop a statement that incorporates a pricing strategy into your marketing message. Add some direct reasons why customers will receive value for supporting your business.

Analyze Your Budget

Before you develop your marketing plan, you should have a budget in place so that you will have a clear idea of what you can afford. As a small business, you likely have a limited budget, which is why creating an effective marketing plan is important. Consider breaking down your funds into monthly budgets. That will allow you to track the effectiveness of different activities. You can adjust your plan to focus on the services that provide you with the highest return on investment.

SWOT Analysis Of Annual Marketing Plan

Research your competition. Look at some of the ways that your peers are attracting customers. To receive a thorough breakdown, create a SWOT analysis. Measure your business’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. You can also develop a SWOT analysis for your top competitors. By conducting a SWOT analysis, you can make adjustments to your target market and capitalize on the weak points of your competition.

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