Can We Teach an Old Media New Tricks?

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It seems that traditional media has learned a little over the past 15 years with the announcement that The Washington Post Company has officially launched its full-service Facebook marketing and advertising agency SocialCode.
The agency will offer Page management, app development, social commerce, fan monetization, message testing, and advertising through Facebook’s Ads, but they still a large vessel and move awfully slow.

Just about all forms of marketing can be looked upon as complimenting each other, because they do!  But owners of said large media groups have a tendency to look at just about all marketing as it’s competition!  In the early to mid 90’s print should have developed a better relationship with the internet a lot like they have today, my guess is that a few more papers would be in business today.

Now, here comes Social Media.  The Washington Post wisely jumps in to play, and create revenue opportunities and streams today that if they waited another 2 years probably won’t exist, or at least on a much smaller level.  A year ago I was listening to a radio station on-line from a radio group that I once worked at and wondered why they’re not embracing social media. They wouldn’t have really had to do much at that point.  Their clients were feeling that social media was important enough to take valuable time in their radio spot to ask the listener to follow them on Facebook, but it seemed that most GM’s of local stations in mid to small markets were just ignoring that it exists.

A couple of good ideas ran across my mind how the two could work well together.  Like most things first in has the best chance to win, and which of the big traditional media platforms was going to embrace social media?  Media, social or traditional should be a little ahead of the curve.  I can’t believe that I still see some of my local radio stations without Facebook pages, really?  Is it the attitude if we don’t play in it,  then it really doesn’t exist right?  Sorry guys, as much as you would like for it to work that way it doesn’t!

In seeing so much potential that traditional media can have working social media with all commonalities they truly share, I now have optimism.  I received a call from a GM that I know this week who wanted to talk about how to use social media for radio stations, not only that, but he was asking the right questions about how the two mediums could play together and that they (the radio stations) have to have something to offer social media.  “How could we help our clients with their endeavor and at the same time maybe be able to create a small revenue stream for ourselves?”

I was excited.  There are a lot of good ways that media can work together instead of always opposing one another.  Together we’re smarter, and in marketing the smarter we are the better results our clients get!!


Mike Frey

Prior to co-founding Paradux Media Group Mike spent more than 15 years in the world of marketing and advertising. During that time working with hundreds of locally owned businesses he developed an appreciation for minimizing client’s dollars while maximizing tangible results for those clients.

His unique approach to buying media does not follow convention, but it does yield results that exceed those experienced by the more traditional methods. His goal is to provide only the assistance a client needs – and no more, thus minimizing unnecessary cost to the client

Mike is a talented and prolific script writer, ensuring that the client’s brand position is portrayed in a unique and attention grabbing manner. He specializes in story-arcs which evolve both the understanding of the clients’ brand as well as the capture and engage customers’ attention over time.

Mike learned marketing and advertising the hard way — selling it for a living. He was mentored by some of the brightest media, marketing, and advertising minds in the business and was extraordinarily successful in his endeavors. His clients universally agree that he brings a practicality to the business, appreciating their needs while offering options that will allow them to leverage their marketing investment into the future.

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