How To Create A Social Media Strategy For Your Law Firm

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Many law firms have been pretty weary about social media in the past and a lot still are. Big law firms often instill policies that strictly say what their associates may and may not post on social media channels. Obviously there’s some sense in this since you don’t want your employees to negatively impact your firm’s reputation by putting a bunch of drunken photos online captioned “wasted on the job”. Social media marketing however has turned into an incredibly powerful form of marketing for many businesses and could also help your law firm get more clients. In order to get a return on investment from social media marketing however it’s necessary to have a well thought-out strategy in place for promoting your law firm on social media. Below are some best practices that you should read through before planning out your social media campaigns.

Keep Professional and Personal Separated

If you’re running a solo law firm you may be tempted to just use your personal accounts for your social media marketing efforts. In most cases this is a bad idea however. If you only use your social media accounts strictly for business then it may be ok to use a personal account. Most of the time however it makes more sense to create a business account for your firm on any social network that you are going to be active on.

Align Content With Goals

Before starting to post on social media you need to decide what kind of content you are going to be posting. Your social media content should be in line with the goals that you have set for your social media marketing campaign. If you want to get more clients in the personal injury area of the law, you should focus your social media posts on topics related to this niche. Once you have chosen the niche that you will focus on, think about what people on social media will want to know regarding your niche. This may require some market research and often you will have different types of audiences on different social media channels, meaning you should try to tailor your content for these different audiences.

Create Killer Content and Keep it Updated

Writing content just off the top of your head usually won’t work. While you may be able to crank out a few posts like this eventually your inspiration will run out and you’ll have to start doing some research in order to create a great piece of content. Also try to make your content timely. Say for example a new law just got passed that impacts your legal niche then you should be posting about this as soon as possible. If you’ve written some content that is not up to date anymore due to law changes, make sure you edit your content and post an update. Doing this will show your audience that you are on top of what’s currently happening in your legal niche, which will help build trust with potential clients about your firm’s expertise.


Zane Schwarzlose

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at The Loewy Law Firm, a personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane thinks it's interesting to see more attorneys having their own Twitter account.

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