What’s up with the Ducks?

Paradux was originally started by a pair-of-ducks from Eugene, Oregon — home of the University of Oregon Ducks, and the great outdoors.  Our “ducky” imagery was created as part of an “inside joke” and a way to help explain how to say our name. Now you’re on the “inside.”

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If you thought Donald Duck was the first animated duck, you need to take a trip in the wayback machine.  The first introduction of an animated duck is Daffy Duck featured in the cartoon, “Porky’s Duck Hunt” in 1937.  The short film was produced by Warner Bros as part of their Looney Tunes animated series.  In the story, Porky Pig reads a book about hunting ducks and is inspired to collect all the necessary items like decoy ducks and gun shells and to give it a try.  Nonetheless, Daffy Duck survives to give us decades of laughter.

You can watch the cartoon on Vimeo at this link:

Porky’s Duck Hunt from Bilbo Barpkins on Vimeo.

Leave it to Paradux Media to keep track of all kinds of details like this.  We know marketing and advertising so you don’t have to.