How to Create a Compelling Email Campaign

It's never a good idea to spam the subscribers or customers that you have on your email marketing list. However, you do want to stay in contact with them so that your business stays on their radar. Create value for your recipients with an email marketing campaign.

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It’s never a good idea to spam the subscribers or customers that you have on your email marketing list. However, you do want to stay in contact with them so that your business stays on their radar. How can you accomplish this and actually create value for your recipients? The answer is by focusing on the needs of your customers and addressing their problems when you launch your email marketing campaign.

Stay Relevant By Creating A Email Marketing Campaign

how to create a compelling email campaignYour first plan of action is to come up with an email marketing strategy that defines how you want to market to your list. You want to keep prospective customers and current followers of your brand engaged so they build up enough trust to purchase your services or products or continue to stay loyal to your company. One strategy for staying relevant is by sending your list a company newsletter. Determine a schedule and tackle relevant challenges that your customers face. By offering them tips, special offers, and advice, you are creating value.

Create Intriguing Subject Lines

The first hurdle that you will have to overcome is getting your customers to open your emails. The attention span of individuals who use the internet seems to fall every year. There are so many distractions during the day that it demands you write subject line titles for your emails that grab their attention — create something crafty to get your message read. Subject line titles should be direct and engaging. They should be related to solving any problems that your subscribers have.

Always Be Testing Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the advantages of having your own email list is that you can test and refine different aspects of your email marketing campaign. If you split test two separate headlines and have more success with one of them, use that headline and try to think of one that converts even better — then run a split test with that one as well. You should also be split testing your headlines, email copy, landing pages and calls to action.

Landing Page Tips

The emails that you send may have different goals. Do you want your subscribers to purchase a product, subscribe or download an important e-book? Your email copy is just a warm-up that builds anticipation for your next step in the email campaign sequence. It’s important to craft each email with a call to action that takes your reader to a specific landing page. Your goal is to have your subscribers complete an action. You can increase the chances of your subscribers taking action by incorporating the four following tips when you create your landing pages:

  • Match your title
  • Keep your offer details relevant
  • Consistent design
  • Know your audience and target them

The landing page that you send a customer to should have a title that matches the email subject line and email copy that you wrote. By focusing on one product or service to promote, it ups the odds of engagement and allows users to solve one of their problems. Avoid having too much information on the page — keep it relevant without including too many links, tabs or images. You want to have a theme and design that stays consistent. If you focus your landing pages on a specific target audience, you should increase conversions.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create a compelling email marketing campaign, give us a call and talk to one of our marketing experts. We have expertise in building email campaigns that convert.

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