Finally A Birdie For The PGA With Social Media

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For 13 years the PGA Tour was a bit like the Facebook of sports.  Not because they were innovative or cutting edge hell they wouldn’t even allow you to enter with your cell phone to one of their events, no it’s because they had Tiger Woods.  Who for the most part of 13 years was about as powerful and influential as Facebook is today.

To attract new fans the PGA is now allowing you to bring in your cell phone, as long as it’s on mute or vibrate kind of a no brainer!  While the golfers and the old guard will talk about how distracting it is with people possibly holding their cell phones in their hand.

Yes the fact that even when we go to a theater, even though we’re reminded to turn off our phones one never-the-less goes off.  Yes it will happen!

Someone will be in the middle of their back swing and some idiot’s cell phone is going to go off.  I’ll place a bet that the phone that goes off is some old Nokia phone that can’t even receive texts.  Here is why this is a good policy!

I want to check-in: Being that I’m the fan it has to be a little bit about me, and there is nothing to make your friends envious than a foursquare check-in to someplace cool.  Not only that but the Tour gets the mention and the person whom is envious may just want to go the next day!

Facebook Post: Don’t we want to take a pic with our phone of Dustin Johnson or Tiger Woods practicing at the putting green and post it to your Facebook.  Once again look at what you’re missing.  And if it bothers Tiger, a smart phone is much easier for Steve Williams to toss than a professional Photographers camera.

Tweet: Tweet, tweet, birdies are great on the golf course why not tweets.  Talk about real time scoring.  You need to allow your fan base to feel like they’re part of the event and spread the message of all the fun they’re having.

The last major sporting event I attended was a couple of weeks ago, the BCS National Championship. Smart phones were everywhere and played a large role for a lot of the fans.  Being a Duck and having so many friends who attended the game facebook walls were littered with what was going on for all the friends back home.  The bothersome aspect was so much social mediating was taking place that I had nothing but problems accessing mine.  AT & T, was very frustrated!

While some will say that Football and Golf are two different sports, they do compete for the same dollar and the same fans.  Face it fans ARE social.  As an avid golfer and a big fan of the tour I’m glad to see this move and can’t wait to attend an event!


Mike Frey

Prior to co-founding Paradux Media Group Mike spent more than 15 years in the world of marketing and advertising. During that time working with hundreds of locally owned businesses he developed an appreciation for minimizing client’s dollars while maximizing tangible results for those clients.

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  1. Tom says

    Great post, Mike. I’m glad to hear this, because fans EXPECT to interact with social media while attending any and all sporting events. On a side note, the PGA still needs Tiger.

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