Do Google Reviews Help Your Business?

By reading your company’s Google Reviews, you develop a better understanding of what your customers appreciate. 

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Do Google Reviews Help Your Business?The quick answer is YES.  Here’s how and why.

First of all, Google holds 90% of the search engine market share.  Just as “Google” has become a verb in our vernacular for “looking something up on the internet,” the majority of people worldwide use Google to search for everything from recipes to health advice, and of course, where to purchase a needed product or service.

As users search the internet for a product or service (for example, “refrigerator repair”), Google automatically posts results for businesses in the user’s locale with top review ratings–they even include a handy map to show how far these businesses are located from the user.  Along with a zero to five-star rating, evaluators can submit narrative feedback about their experience, and the business can respond to both positive and negative feedback. It’s simple to click for the user to see more reviews or go straight to the company’s website.

Why are these reviews important?

  1. They build trust.  Today’s consumers are skeptical about the information they receive from a company via advertisements, newsletters, and other promotional materials.  Instead, they rely on recommendations and feedback from other consumers to illustrate how good (or bad) the product or service is.  88% of consumers searching for a business online report reading these reviews before selecting a company to do business with.
  2. They increase online exposure.  While Google is famous for continually changing the algorithms it uses to determine which results you’ll get for any specific search, we do know that a significant piece of their criteria is related to online reviews and ratings:  how many reviews are provided, how consistently they are submitted (i.e., not 50 at once and then nothing), and how well-rounded and diverse the evaluations are.
  3. You learn what people care about.  By reading your company’s Google Reviews, you develop a better understanding of what your customers appreciate and what they are dissatisfied with.  Acting upon this information will help grow your business and achieve greater success.

What do you need to get Google Reviews?

First, you need a Google business profile.  Any business that does at least a limited amount of in-person interaction can have a business profile on Google.

Next, you need to encourage your customers to leave reviews.  Avoid marketing schemes for buying reviews because Google can detect fake reviews and penalize you with lowered search engine ranking.  Instead, consider the variety of ways you can motivate your customers to post:

  • Put a sign at your checkstand inviting online reviews.
  • Add a link to your email invoices and receipts.
  • Ask for reviews and include a link on your website.
  • Verbally ask people to rate you on Google.
  • Include information about adding online reviews in a newsletter article.

Make it even easier by leaving the work to us.

At Paradux Media Group, we know how to increase the visibility of your business online, and we’ll help you implement straightforward strategies to boost your business results.  Our team can help you with everything you need to attract customers online, from evaluating your website to creating a brand-new online presence and achieve greater search engine optimization.  Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of joining our flock.

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