When companies think about creating or updating their websites, they go many different routes in developing their solutions.  Simple “DIY” solutions like WIX are very tempting for new, small businesses, while larger, established companies often think coding their sites from scratch using “business branded” content management systems like Adobe Experience are the way to go.

At Paradux Media Group, we develop websites for our clients using WordPress, and there are many reasons we feel this is the best solution for them regardless of their size and needs.

It may surprise you that as of January 2021, nearly 40% of websites are built on WordPress.  If you look at the percentage of market share that uses a content management system, that number shoots up to 64.1%.  To put it in perspective, the second place position goes to Shopify with 3.2% of the market.

Here’s what makes WordPress a great solution:

  1. WordPress sites are easy to host.  Nearly every hosting service available supports WordPress, or it can be managed on an independent server location.  Not all website solutions are compatible with a wide array of hosting services.
  2. Google loves WordPress.  The top reasons companies have websites are to increase their brand presence and attract customers to their businesses.  This requires good SEO or search engine optimization.  Google quickly reads WordPress code, making it simple to index and crawl these sites, resulting in higher search engine rankings.
  3. WordPress has a built-in responsive design.  Since many users now access the internet via smartphones and tablets, Google prefers websites with “responsive design.”  Simply put, this means the website is reconfigured automatically for optimized viewing on these devices.
  4. Website design on WordPress is flexible.  While it requires a good working knowledge of coding (which our team has in plenty!), the sky is the limit with WordPress.  Sites can have almost unlimited appearance and functionality.  WordPress also works seamlessly with thousands of plug-ins to fully customize the site for you and your users.
  5. We know what’s going on with our WordPress sites.  WordPress provides exceptional analytics and tracking capabilities, so we can evaluate website performance and make changes to improve traffic and achieve the results our clients want.

Big-name companies choose WordPress, so why shouldn’t you?

Why We Use WordPress at Paradux Media Group, and You Should, TooThere are still many people who think WordPress is just a solution for at-home bloggers.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Here are just a few of the companies you likely know well who use WordPress as their website solution:

If you’re ready to have your website managed by professionals who know how to achieve SEO, contact Paradux Media Group today.

At Paradux Media Group, we work with clients in all aspects of marketing and advertising.  We specialize in brand development and carry those fundamentals through website development and ongoing management, video production, graphic design, print and outdoor media, and digital marketing services.  Our solutions are scalable to fit any size of business and budget.  If you’re ready to see how a new marketing agency will help you achieve success, give us a call today.  We’d love to introduce you to our flock.

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