Better Brand Recognition

Facebook, and social media networks, in general, allows you to syndicate your content increasing your visibility over time. You have a voice and content you should share with your audience, and Facebook is an excellent place to do it. New customers will find your brand more accessible and easier to do business with, which will increase your bottom line over time. Also, existing customers will find your brand even more familiar as well as recognizable at the same time.

More Brand Loyalty and Opportunities to Convert

Is promoting on Facebook worth it?If you want to enjoy even more brand loyalty from your customers, Facebook is the way to go. By implementing the right social media plan, your company can turn your customers into loyal fans in a decent amount of time. If your customers follow your brand, they will be more likely to become fans. The more content you share on Facebook, the more opportunities your brand will have to turn your potential clients into customers. By building your following, you will be able to interact with current, old and past customers at the same time. Reactions in Facebook can lead to visits, leads or sales, which is excellent for your brand.

Better Conversion Rates

Facebook can give you better conversion rates in a broad range of ways. The humanization element is one of the most compelling features of Facebook. It means that your brand will look more humanized when it interacts with current and potential customers on Facebook. Your followers will add trust and credibility to your brand, which represents a social proof that will benefit your company a lot. If you want to increase your conversion rate on your current traffic, you should build an audience on Facebook.

These are further reasons to use Facebook:

  • Increased Brand Authority and Inbound Traffic. Showing your customers good faith by interacting with them via Facebook will do wonders for the authority of your brand. Since people turn to Facebook and social media networks to brag about products, brands, and services, you can take advantage of this fact. You should strive to make your customers talk about your brand on Facebook as much as you can, which will increase your brand’s authority over time. The key to getting more inbound traffic to your virtual property is publishing high quality, engaging content on Facebook on a regular basis. More inbound traffic also means more leads and conversions over time.
  • Reduced Marketing Costs. Most marketers spend around 6 hours every week implementing tactics to increase traffic, according to Hubspot. If six 6 hours is too much time for you to invest in this activity, you can spend only one hour on Facebook doing things to increase your traffic, and you will get amazing results. Even paid traffic on Facebook will do wonders to increase your conversions, leads and sales over time. This kind of traffic is very cheap and, depending on the country, you might end up paying as little as $0.01 per click, which is awesome. Do you have a small budget? No problem, because Facebook can do the job very well.
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