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cyber monday

Marketing Guide to Capturing Online Sales this Cyber Monday

It’s no secret that the day after Thanksgiving is expected to be one of the biggest shopping days of the year. While many business owners know this, they haven’t recognized the fact that they can utilize online marketing strategies to optimize their sales. By participating in Cyber Monday, you’ll likely find that your company can… Read More

advertising agency

The Advertising Agency of the Future

Navigating through all of the modern tools and data marketing options can be confusing. While technology has introduced several new ways to measure results, some of which are widely available, constant changes make it difficult for the average business owner to use them. Being able to take advantage of modern technology isn’t just a necessity,… Read More

Marketing Presence

Increase Your Marketing Presence

In the world of marketing, there always seems to be a new way to advertise a good or service. While it is worth your while to increase your marketing presence, marketing novices tend to go overboard with the latest trends. There are clearly some great ways to increase your marketing presence and be noticed, but… Read More


What are the best books and articles about brandtelling, brand and storytelling, branded contents?

In today’s very competitive business world, it’s harder and harder to get people’s attention and trust. One of the best ways to do so is by using a technique known as brandtelling, which has grown in popularity. Using the personal touch of storytelling to attract customers, it’s a marketing strategy that is resulting in better… Read More

social media marketing

What is New in Social Media Marketing?

Still remember some trending topics in social media such as #IceBucketChallenge, #Bring Back Our Daughter, and many other campaigns? Those campaigns surprisingly rocked the social media world making some of us realize how powerful the social media marketing is. The new truth about social network is the impressive feedback from society; Instagram has approximately 300… Read More

content marketing strategy

Why Using Content Marketing Makes Sense

Content marketing is a method by which promotional advertising is packaged within informative and educational content to provide a solution to readers needs without using what might be seen as an effective sales pitch. Content Marketing is the process of communicating with your readers and prospects without necessarily selling. It is non-interference promoting. What makes… Read More

digital marketing

Why Consider a Digital Marketing Agency?

A lot of people have waxed lyrical about the digital marketing industry and how the work carried out by a digital marketing agency translates on the internet. For many years, we at Paradux Media Group, have watched as the power of digital has continuously grown in stature via technologies and gadgets for example compact discs,… Read More

What is Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing, for many in the business field, is not a new concept. It is done to promote sales in the company and gain new customers, as well as keeping the old ones you already have. To be successful, you constantly need to keep a flow of those customers who are going to be interested in… Read More

What is Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the art in which businesses communicate with their customers and prospects without selling their products. It is a strategic marketing approach that is focused on the creation and distribution of valuable, consistent and engaging content with the aim of attracting and retaining the audience. Moreover, the content marketing strategy is mainly aimed… Read More

marketing in the future

Marketing for the Future

For many businesses, success or failure depends upon keeping up with and understanding financial concepts and principles.  Understanding the basics helps the organizations to make significant and necessary financial decisions. These decisions may be the key to ensuring that the organization keeps and maintains a competitive advantage over competitors. Marketing plans are very important for… Read More

Can I afford a Marketing Agency

Can I Afford a Marketing Agency?

It is important for many organizations to maintain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Organizations need to utilize everything that they can to ensure that they maintain stable and profitable future. Their marketing strategies are tools that contribute to ensuring that the organization stays on top of the latest trends. These strategies need to be… Read More