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Let’s face it, marketing can be hard! In each marketing blog post, we hope you’ll find the information you need for your business marketing success.


Your Sales Funnel is then #1 Reason You Don’t Have More Clients!

Let’s talk for a minute about leads and the sales funnel. We all get leads, but it’s what we do with them that matters (AKA do you have a sales funnel?). How well are we following up on them? How well are we creating a relationship with them? The reality is that the first time… Read More

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Promotional Calendar Template [VIDEO]

Promotional Calendar Template Transcription Hi, I’m Tisha Oehmen from Paradux Media Group, and I thought it might be something fun today to mix things up, if I did a Google hangout rather than just typing into the blog post. I wanted to talk specifically about a promotional marketing calendar and why it’s something that you… Read More

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Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Realtors

The success of a realtor depends on the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Good marketing strategies will help you establish new connections and promote your business effectively. On top of that, it will help you pursue leads and get referrals of prospective customers who are seeking property. Let’s look at 5 powerful marketing strategies for realtors you ought… Read More

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The Steps to Success: Using Customer Profiling as Your Brand’s Secret Weapon

The purpose of all marketing is to reach out and generate interest in what you have to offer, thus bringing more business in. But who should you reach out to? A scattershot approach will ensure that somebody who sees your materials will take steps to learn more, but for every lead, money is being wasted… Read More

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How To Solve Your Biggest Marketing Problem

Let’s face it, we all have marketing problems. But what if you could solve your biggest problem with little effort and little cost? Would you be interested? Of course you would. That’s just good business sense. Now, what if I told you the single biggest marketing problem you have is something MOST businesses suffer from,… Read More


Off-Page vs. On-Page SEO: What the Heck Is It, Anyway? Part 1

Brace yourselves. The topic of this blog that I’m about to delve into, head first, is somewhat obscure. In fact, if you’ve ever had an in-depth discussion with someone in marketing, you know exactly what I mean: What do you do? “I’m in marketing.” What do you do in marketing? “I do Google stuff.” On-page… Read More

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Questions To Ask When Considering Public Relations

The decision to work with a PR firm, or start managing public relations in-house is always going to be a step forward for any business, as it means an expansion in visibility and improvement in company reputation. Having decided that public relations is a route that your business wishes to go down in regards to… Read More

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The Digital Brand As A Persona

When it comes to branding, there are a variety of ways for a company to approach their internal process. For some companies, it means identifying terms and ideas that they want associated with their organization, and crafting their marketing around those concepts. For others, it involves using imagery as the nexus of their efforts. However,… Read More

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IT Security: Disaster Plans for Businesses (for CEOS and Managers)

Business News Daily recently reported that each year, thirty percent of all servers will fail due to unpredictable events such as natural disasters or system outages. Down time due to information technology failure costs businesses over $26 billion and 127 million hours of work-time each year, and additionally, results in a 29 percent revenue loss. Cloud… Read More


Need SEO, Web Design, and Advertising From One Company? No Problem

When your business starts to have a presence online with a website, social media, or blog, there are a lot of moving targets and important pieces to the puzzle. How easy is it for your potential customers to find you? Is your site optimized? Is your logo appropriate, and does your website need a makeover?… Read More


Your New Marketing Agency Located in Southern Oregon

Medford, Oregon is a beautiful city, the fourth largest in the State of Oregon. Medford is a city in Jackson County, Oregon, United States. Medford, Oregon is situated exactly between San Francisco, California, and Portland, Oregon on Highway I5. Because of its unique position and beautiful recreation, Medford Oregon is an ideal location for small… Read More

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Launching a New Business: Unique Ways to Announce Your New Venture

After months of planning and preparation, you’re ready to launch your new business and make your new business announcement. Now you need to focus on bringing in customers and developing a loyal foundation. That’s easier said than done. Is print advertising worth the money? Will online advertising bring in enough local customers? With seemingly endless… Read More

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Why You Should Outsource Your B-to-B Marketing Efforts

For many companies, it’s a smart thing to outsource their b-to-b marketing efforts. Companies of all sizes and even some who have their own internal marketing departments benefit from outsourcing to a professional marketing company to help them create and get across a dynamic message. You may ask yourself what good it might do for… Read More

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Creating the best office space, large or small

It goes without saying most of us work from home at least part of the time. Making your work place a productive space is important and there are a few little things you can do to make it so. First figure out how much of your work space is actual “work space” and how much… Read More

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3 New YouTube Changes And What They Mean For Businesses

Google has always been evolving and so is YouTube, Google’s video sharing website. Recently in December 2012, Google has made few major changes in YouTube’s layout. There are some technical changes that will help YouTube power users as well. As an internet marketer, you will be able to use YouTube better than ever with these… Read More

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Strategic Marketing Vision

Marketing is one of those tricky fields. It bridges the gap between strategy and execution. It’s equally at home either in the Boardroom as an outgrowth of strategy, as it is in the Human Resources Suite, as a compliment to internal culture, and of course, in the Business Development group as a business acquisition plan. Strategic Marketing… Read More

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Entrepreneurialism and Launching Your New Business

Entrepreneurialism is a state mind or what you put in your mind when you are considering launching a new business. Hundreds of thousands of Americans start new businesses every year with just about as many closing down. The problem for many entrepreneurs is that they may have an idea that does not realistically consider how… Read More

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Old Time Communications for a Digital Age

The digital age has changed the way that we communicate, bringing smart phones and tablets to the forefront and pushing print publications to the back and eventually to certain extinction. Well, the print dinosaur is quite dead yet and, when used correctly, print and digital can form an alliance to communicate in ways that you… Read More


Using Public Relations as a Marketing Tool

As we know, there is a slight difference between what can be called marketing and what is classed as Public Relations (PR). However, this isn’t to say that they don’t overlap in any way and therefore can’t influence each other. Marketing is commonly defined as how you promote and persuade people to buy your products… Read More