Do You Have A Recruitment Marketing Strategy?

Your marketing company can create a professional recruitment marketing strategy to sell your company as an employer to potential employees. 

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Do You Have A Recruitment Marketing Strategy?For February 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the nation’s average unemployment rate dropped to 3.8%.  Low unemployment means it is more difficult for companies like yours to find the qualified candidates needed to fill open positions.  If you take a walk through your downtown streets or visit the local shopping mall, you’ll see “We’re Hiring” posters everywhere.  Many businesses offer starting salaries above the minimum wage to entice more applicants, but higher labor costs can take a big bite out of bottom-line profitability.

A professional recruitment marketing strategy can help attract more candidates.

Just as you trust your marketing company to create campaigns, promotional materials, and content to encourage consumers to buy your products and services, they can create the same type of package to sell your company as an employer to potential employees.  Marketing companies know how to leverage modern technology and marketing techniques to optimize the components of your brand that make you desirable to consumers to illustrate the quality of your business as a source of employment.

Benefits of using a professional recruitment marketing strategy include:

  • Aligning your company’s recruitment goals into a cohesive and workable strategy.
  • Generating a better pipeline of qualified and engaged candidates.
  • Promoting the right aspects of your brand to attract the attention of qualified candidates.
  • Filling positions faster and at a lower cost.
  • Building engagement through the entire recruitment process.
  • Encourage referrals and generate word-of-mouth buzz about your company’s job openings.
  • Attract a greater diversity of candidates.
  • Free up your internal HR staff for interviewing and hiring portion of the process.

What can companies do to make professional recruitment marketing strategies more effective?

First of all, your marketing company will need complete information about your business, brand, and future strategies to ensure all recruitment efforts are fully aligned with your operations.  In the best situations, the same marketing company you partner with for other websites and advertising needs will work with you to create an effective recruitment strategy.

Secondly, your internal marketing, human resources, and hiring managers should all be involved in the process with the marketing agency.  Communication and involvement from all of these parties lead to campaigns with reasonable expectations that deliver solid results.

Lastly, it’s always helpful to provide your marketing agency with feedback so they can adjust their techniques for future recruitment opportunities.  Recruitment is a bit of an art that requires revisions to meet the needs of local workforces.

Are you interested in learning more about how Paradux Media Group can help your recruitment efforts?

Whether you need a complete recruitment strategy or simply assistance with writing job descriptions, open position posts, social media announcements, radio ads, or promotional graphics, the team at Paradux Media Group is ready to help.  Our team will create materials that align with your company’s strategies and goals so the candidates you attract the most qualified candidates.  Contact us today for more information.

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