Great Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

To become a successful real estate agent, you need to have sound real estate marketing strategies in place.

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To become a successful real estate agent, you need to have sound marketing strategies in place. With a well thought out marketing strategy in place, it will be much easier for you to attract new clients and put homebuyers in the home of their dreams. Once you are able to help someone purchase a new home, you should be able to keep that person as a client for life by continuing to reach out to them and let them know you are always there to help with their real estate needs. Using a mix of these modern real estate marketing strategies will help you grow your real estate business.

Marketing Idea: Referrals

Referrals are one of the best ways to attract new clients for your real estate business. By reaching out to your current customers, friends, family, and neighbors to see if anyone in their social circles is in need of a new home, you will be able to get the names and numbers of several potential homebuyers. Incorporating these contacts into your marketing strategies will help you grow your marketing list and increase your chances of finding new clients for your real estate business.

Marketing Strategy: Using Social Media

Social media is another excellent way to market your real estate business. Most homebuyers will spend months researching homes online before they make a purchase. Getting your name and business in front of these potential homebuyers by using all of the popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is one of the best ways you show potential new clients how your real estate business can help place them in the home of their dreams.

The best part of using social media websites as a part of your overall marketing strategy is that you can interact with homebuyers through these sites. Providing information that homebuyers will find interesting and useful will help you position yourself as an industry expert, and make it easier for you to gain their trust and convince them to hire you as their real estate agent.

Key Marketing Element: Email Campaigns

real estate marketing strategiesEmail marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available today. Reaching out to your database of homebuyers via email is a fantastic way to gather new clients for your business. Going back to using referrals as a marketing strategy, you will want to collect the email addresses of any referrals you may get and add them to your email marketing list. This will help grow your marketing database and keep these new homebuyers in the loop whenever you have real estate news to share with them.

Another reason why email marketing is such a tool for real estate agents is that it does not cost very much money to run an email campaign. Compared to traditional mail marketing campaigns such as newsletters and postcards, email campaigns cost a fraction of the price these methods do and are much more efficient.

Stealth Real Estate Marketing Strategy: Online Lead Generation

Placing a lead generation form on your website or blog is another good way to market your real estate business. Numerous homebuyers in your market will turn to Internet search engines to help them find a real estate agent, and you will want your website to be readily visible in the search engines to attract the attention of these homebuyers. Once you are able to get these people to your site, you will want to make sure there is a contact form on your site for people to fill out so that you can contact them about their real estate agent needs.

With a sound marketing strategy in place, you will be able to grow your real estate business. Using a combination of referrals, social media, email marketing, and online lead generation is an excellent way to attract new clients and increase the number of sales you make in a given year.

Andrew Handley

Andrew Handley is a social media manager at an excelsior elevator company, researching the dynamics of social media in real estate and construction.

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  1. Bernie Johnson says

    That’s great introductory material for how agents today should be building their business. Here in San Antonio, we have especially benefited for e-cards to our extensive database of San Antonio real estate buyers and sellers (mostly) buyers who have registered for our home search tools. The tools necessary to gain new prospects are becoming more sophisticated, but if I could share one truth….nothing beats a phone call. Develop your sphere of influence and spend a couple hours a week talking with folks you know. If everyone did that at least 20 times a week and askec the magic question…”Who do you know that is interested in buying or selling real estate?”, you will be successful.

    • Sarah says

      Great tip Bernie, and thanks andrew for the original list.
      I love the idea of e-cards in an email campaign. Traditional email campaigns seem so intrusive but ecards are always fun!
      When it comes down to it I’m a traditionalist like you though and would prefer phone calls, if only there were more hours in the day 🙂

  2. Seo Melbourne says

    What you are saying is absolutely correct and Every business should have a website, a marketing plan and objective from their offline work, The main works starts from the site optimization it’s the foremost part because the effectiveness of all the techniques depends on this being done up first .

  3. kevin says

    Thanks for the tips, I believe that social media is a must for any business, especially one that is local and not national. It allows your to connect with friends and friends of friends of potential clients, and to provide information they may be interested in quickly.

  4. st regis condos says

    I am also a real estate realtor and broker, I also got a lot of clients which demand for well furnished home and I also provide them that and they take it without any hesitation. These tips are very useful for understanding a business. Thanks man.

  5. Kelly says

    Any reference on how to do lead generation method properly? Among all of the strategies, I found this one difficult. Hope you could help.

  6. RES says

    The post gives great marketing strategies for real estate agents.There are many reasons to invest in real estate, know all about it
    Useful post

  7. alexandar11 says

    This is a good common sense Blog. Very helpful to one who is just finding the resources about this part. It will certainly help educate me.
    Smithtown Real Estate

  8. Joe says

    Thanks for the article. Center of Influence is definitely the way to go. Do you also incorporate any direct mailing in addition to social media? I really like using note cards. What do you think?

  9. estate agents says

    Yes, I agree, your marketing tips are really helpful for real estate agents. I am going to start my real estate agency. Your marketing tips will help to grow my business. Thanks for sharing such a valuable post.

  10. Smithtown says

    Thanks for the Sharing…, social media is most beneficial for any business, especially one that is local and not national. It allows your to connect with friends and friends of friends of potential clients, and to provide information they may be interested in quickly.Thank you…keep posting……..

  11. Alicia says

    Thanks for the tips. We use our forms for most of our leads and they work great. Thanks for the tips on social marketing that’s are next step.

  12. samy says

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  13. john lee says

    this is a great article regarding real estate. good points are shared i found it very helpful to everyone. people should use these strategies for own business.

  14. Frank L. DeFazio says

    This is a really great article for agents looking to get started online. A great deal of agents who have been in the business for a while don’t know how to get started with social media and online marketing. This is a great how to guide!

  15. Bill says

    My friend who is a real estate agent and he have already fb and tweeter accounts to market the houses that he sells. And then tag his friends to they will be inform and be aware of the offers. It click on him and he decided to make a real estate website to widen his market.

  16. Quick House Sale says

    I have been working with my friend who’s in the property industry and I have been trying to help them sell some of their properties. This is a great article and helped me out a lot, I especially took advantage of the email advice. Thank You

  17. Open Door Miami says

    Now days if we don\’t apply these strategies then there will be very less chances to success. In real estate market we have to apply all strategies to make popular our business.

  18. Edmonton Real Estate says

    Very informative post for all real estate professionals like me. Gaining customers believe is really very difficult. Social Media Marketing is really very fruitful and can helps you a lot in established your real estate business.

  19. Leonard says

    Thanks for the share. I will start my new job at real estate company as real estate agent and I am kind of nervous if I could hit my month sales. I need a lot of convincing.

  20. Nick says

    Using social media to its full extent can be very time consuming. Never the less, it’s a must have in today’s culture. What’s the best way to coordinate all of them without overlapping, over looking any one of them?

  21. Carl says

    I found this article whilst looking for other information on marketing for real estate agents however the information in this article is gold dust for a person like me. Thanks very much for sharing with us.

  22. Maz Zah says

    Well, i am working for real estate company and all the things you have mentioned, is what i am doing here. So I guess they really knew why to hire me 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  23. Houses For Sale says

    Thanks for sharing these information with us. I like your site.I\’m searching a real est company to sell my home. I have got a real est company called \”Lynnpercell\” But I didn\’t understand that is it preferable to sell my home?

  24. mutant says

    Thanks for the information… will try it out soon… got a question to ask you… emailing marketing actually will give a impression of spamming potential clients inbox??

  25. Andy says

    Winning real estate lead generation should be in tune with present market. If people today are more tending to use the Internet for their home buy & selling processes, there are many ways for lead generation finished online.

  26. Real Estate Coaching says

    Good advice! But the absolute best way to build sales is word-of-mouth. Easier done when the agent/seller uses the 5 senses and emotions to sell a property quickly. Smaells (brownies in the oven), wine & cheese, highlight views etc. People do not buy “features” – they buy the BENEFITS of those features. Sell the sizzle and the steak sells itself. And happy sellers refer you to others.

  27. Pam daniel says

    Nice post! You have explained nice tips about marketing planning for realtors. Nowadays social media is the best way for marketing, you can create profile on social network website (facebook, twitter) and interact with clients and other. Referral is evergreen tip for real estate agent. I really like your tips. Thanks for sharing with us.

  28. Oasis Subdivision Bacolod says

    The tips you have given here are absolutely correct. Real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses practically anywhere in the world and using social media, referrals and email campaigns can really help in skyrocketing your income. And of course, having your own real estate site will boost sales too. Thanks for these tips. Can’t wait for more posts.

  29. Rusty says

    Nice learning! You have almost nailed everything here! Though I am not a real estate agent but whenever I promote something, I am more on to social media and e-mail marketing. Most people are now relying on the internet so they are more accessible than using the offline marketing technique.

  30. mathewson548 says

    Believe it or not the real estate business is being build by the social networking sites. Most of the people are concentrating on these site for more publicity and the awareness of this business.
    The tips given here are perfectly matched wit the real time agents where they are going to interact.

  31. Mary says

    I personally think that in 2013 thew most prominent strategy going to be is Social media. I myself spend a lot of time on social media networks specially Facebook. So I guess that everyone needs to follow this strategy.

  32. SanDiegoRealEstate says

    One major benefit of real estate investing revolves around experience. It is possible for you to work with someone who works with real estate investing before you jump into the market yourself. By gaining this experience, you can be as successful as possible when working on your own investment. People fail to think about experience as an important part of investing.

  33. Jaipur Properties says

    All these strategies are good and we need to apply them in particular way to get our ROI, in real estate market if you never choose right strategies then there are many chances to fail.

  34. Allexlinda says

    That is why as a real estate agent, you should be able to come up with the best marketing strategies so that you will get to attract a lot of investors to make use of your services. Common Mistakes Of Real Estate Agents .

  35. Vendita Appartamenti Cattolica says

    Great post! Real estate agents still don’t realize that they can compete with the national portals and get online buyer leads. Really good information!

  36. Barry Jordan says

    Bottom line is that you need to have a solid marketing strategy for any business to be successful. All of the combinations has been laid out before us therefore it really depends on our perseverance and dedication to make our business reach its success.

  37. Danny Nguyen says

    I agree with you 100%. As a licence Real Estate Broker, embracing social media as a strategy if very effective now that most buyers are online most of the time.

  38. Orimark says

    Most probably this counting period’s all literate people are using search engine for find everything, and after increasing social media’s values all are using these without hesitation. Actually I am also agree about these social media’s are best way of promoting Real estate websites. Yes properties are very valuable for every people. So finally thanks for sharing this good stuff and I will definitely visit again your next updates.
    Keep it up!

  39. andrew says

    Its really undeniable that using the social media and any other forms of using the internet, will surely fire your success rate. Realizing that its much more efficient rather than doing the traditional way. Really a nice work. Thanks for posting.

  40. homes for sale says

    Thanks for the great post, it will surely work for us. I also agree the point that social media marketing and reference from the current clients will be very effective source for the real estate agents. To become a real estate agent, experience should be your first preference and to gain this you can work under an experienced real estate agent.

  41. Drew says

    Its the social media that creates a virus of freedom and information. Utilizing its importance by making it a marketing strategy will save you a lot of money.

  42. MiltonOntarioHomesForSale says

    I agree with everything you\\\\\\\’ve said. For those just entering into the business, the world of real estate can seem a bit daunting, but developing some consistent marketing systems goes a long way to becoming successful.

  43. New York attorney says

    Many people think being a landlord and investing in real estate is a way to make easy money. It can be financially rewarding if you do your homework and reduce your risks. But easy, it isn’t and it can lead to financial ruin if not done properly.

  44. Ronit says

    I’m just starting in real estate field, and was looking for some tips. These are surely going to help me. Can you suggest something, especially for a beginner? It’d be really helpful. Thanks!

  45. save houses says

    This is a great list. When I was a real estate agent in California 2 years ago the 1 thing I failed at was failing to have a plan of exposure when marketing my business effectively. First off, a blogging platform embedded into your website is almost of utmost importance these days. Social media is a large component of that traffic as well.

  46. Peter Reid says

    thanks for sharing this interesting post. I think it would be helpful for all Real Estate Agents..

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  47. Don says

    It comes down to ROI; you have limited time so you want to use it for maximum returns. Social media is important, but there is a point of diminishing returns where your tweets and Facebook posts aren’t doing much more for you, at least in terms of propects, contracts and closings. The trick is to find that point and not waste any more time.

  48. Mitch Carson says

    Yes, Engaging social media is one of the best to increase traffic, advertisement and can be use to introduce pros in your products/real state. Keep it up! great article and easy to understand!

  49. Adelaine says

    Real estate agents should know how to value and market fine art, antiques, collectibles, books, jewelry, vehicles, furnishings and higher quality household goods. They must also be knowledgeable and sensitive to each client’s unique needs.

  50. Mike says

    Wow a lot of awesome strategies in this article. All are applicable even you are at home. E-mail and social media campaigns gets the best outreach for me. While in referrals, I better let the word of mouth do the talking.

  51. Ally Thomson says

    Real estate business is not every one’s cup of tea. It need real patience as well as improvised tactics to deal with clients. Your post has all the beneficiary material for property dealers as well as for beginners in this field. One must be loyal to his or her work and clients as well. You have mentioned all the possibilities that can come across while making deals of land or a house. Keep up the good work!!

  52. Andrew Smythe says

    Great tips on using social media. One thing readers of this article should consider is not to just jump in and use all social media without learning what not to do along with how to do or use it. What we don’t want anyone to become is a spammer. Just flooding the internet with unwanted info. There is enough of that out there already. Instead concentrate on providing good information. Just like real estate agents learned how to be an agent, one should learn how to use social media effectively. We need to use it right and effectively!

  53. Atlanta Realtor says

    It is a very good is helpful for real estate agents.agree with mitch Social media facebook is a great strategies.

  54. Andrew Smythe says

    An online presence is important. Social media, website and lead generation is important. But just having a website is not enough. You need to at the very least find your website on page 1 and hopefully #1 for whatever keywords you are seeking. Once we get here you need to have a professional helping you get to that spot on the internet. Craigslist, Odesk and Elance are places on the net where you can look for someone to hire to get you to page 1 or #1. Hire them with the stipulation that you get to that point and keep you there. Once you are there you will get new clients which is what we all want.

  55. Atlanta Realtor says

    Really nice article, It was helpful and enjoyable for me. I always wait for this type of article.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it…

  56. insik says

    This really help for a new agent to know what they are going to do and how to improve their skills being a real estate agent. Thanks for this useful article.

    marketing in real estate

  57. Bo Kauffmann says

    I think the theme here is: diversify your lead sources. Referrals, internet marketing, business networking groups, traditional advertising and more should be part of any real estate agents’ arsenal. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket……. because if that ‘basket’ ever sprung a leak, you could be in trouble…

  58. gerald says

    All of these methods are very effective when it comes to marketing from a real estate perspective. I use to be a real estate agent in the Southern CA area and I have used at least 2 of these methods with some success.

  59. Ben Lang says

    I have known many real estate agents use some sort of automation software for followups… and property tracking… besides there are so many ways to exploit social media like facebook for marketing.

  60. LongIslandLawFirm says

    Buying a rental property is essentially going into business. When the monthly income from tenants exceeds the amount you pay in mortgage, maintenance, taxes and other fees, you realize a positive cash flow in the short-term. Additionally, if all goes well, you will also realize a profit when selling the property. Doing your research as you look at properties and make your choices enables you to be as prepared as you can be for the ups and downs that you will face in managing your business. In fact, what you learn can make you much more successful in the end.

  61. Randy says

    It’s important to have a balanced approach – I think you need to do all of these strategies, plus don’t forget traditional real estate activity. There are plenty of customers still to be found the old fashioned way, such as doing open houses, and flyers. But internet marketing using your website and social media is essential, for sure.

  62. Karen says

    Great advice. I’m curious to know if social media still produces excellent leads for new agents or new real estate marketing companies. Seems like it’s still a word-of-mouth type of industry.

  63. Robert says

    Good blog, email marketing is really over looked in many real estate agents. It’s very simple to keep in touch with new clients, but they use it in the wrong way, and it just becomes white noise. Alot of agents could learn from this blog, keep it up

  64. Jayden Barbour says

    Short yet precise article you got there Andrew. If you combine social media, email marketing, and lead generation it would surely attract clients and definitely increase the number of sales you can make.

  65. Jake says

    Hey Great information! I love your blog and hope to see more postings in the future. I just started a business not long ago and it’s nice to get some good tips. I will be bookmarking this site.


  66. 2-CLIX says

    If you are going to approach social media and blogging – it’s very important to focus on your local market keywords. Some real hidden gems like “insert your neighborhood here” + properties (property) for sale, or house for sale “neighborhood” or “neighborhood” houses for sale. Really zero in on a specific area or areas for your targeting. Google is localizing the search engine so you can be ahead of the curve here. – 2-clix

  67. Walter says

    Genuinely no matter if someone doesn’t know after that its up to other people that they will assist, so here
    it occurs.

  68. Oliampian says

    These topic are too much important for real estate business. I think without these topics real estate business will be fall down. To run business soundly these tips are really important indeed. Thank you for sharing with us. I like it.

  69. Scarlet Jones says

    Just wanted to say referrals have been my own strongest point with business. Treat your first few customers like gold and the rest will come by referral. There’s alot of clowns out there playing games. People respect honesty.

  70. alex says

    Being an agent today is completely different than before. I grew up with my mom managing a real estate brokerage and it was back when they used to carry huge books of listings. Now it is all about SEO, backlinks, SERP, online advertising, and 99% internet.

  71. Home Schooling says

    It’s perfect time to make some plans for the longer term and it is time to be happy. I’ve learn this put up and if I could I want to suggest you some fascinating issues or suggestions. Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article. I desire to learn more issues about it!

  72. Eric Odum says

    Yes..Now Social Media is the main fact for any Marketing.i think Facebook & Google + will be Good Social media platform for real estate marketing because G+ is related to Google Search Result.. But Still Google Search is main things to get targeted customer..

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