Don’t Skimp on Good HR Help

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Photo credit: ICMA Photos via Flickr
Photo credit: ICMA Photos via Flickr

If you’ve got employees, there is NO substitute for great HR advice. Making sure you are following the letter of the law for your employees will keep you out of hot water down the line. Here are some things you might want to consider:

  • If you’ve never done hiring before (or even if you have and you’re not comfortable with it), there are a number of services around that can help out. Usually if you look in your hometown for a “Temp to Perm” staffing agency, you’ll find a resource that can help you do the hard work of vetting applicants and presenting you only the best finalists. These companies will know how and where to find your ideal employees, can offer drug screening, background searches, and eliminate applicants that don’t appear to have long term prospects for your business. They can take a good deal of risk away when it comes to making a hire.
  • Find a great payroll processor and use them. Tax reserves for you employees are no laughing matter and it’s critical that payroll is done accurately and correctly. They can also usually offer direct deposit for your employees, W2 creation, and tax impounding. There are a number of good local options available to you, and one of the best nationally is ADP. True, having a payroll service will cost you a little something each payroll, but what it can SAVE you is significant.
  • Take the time to create an employee handbook. This is a critical piece of documentation you need in order to be able hold your employees accountable to your basic work rules. These can be tricky and will vary from State to State and Community to Community. Find a local HR Practitioner to help you with your handbook. Check the local chapter of SHRM in your area for recommendations.

Employees can be a blessing and a curse. But it’s critical to remember, they aren’t JUST family, they aren’t JUST friends, they have the power to help, or cripple your business. Take these few simple steps to make sure they help.

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