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Let’s face it, marketing can be hard! In each marketing blog post, we hope you’ll find the information you need for your business marketing success.

content marketing ideas

Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that deals mainly with creating and sharing different types of media and publishing content that will later be used to bring in new customers or retain older customers for any business. For people who have businesses online or brick and mortar stores, it is important to keep business up… Read More

10 Superb Scholarly Articles on Branding

10 Superb Scholarly Articles on Branding

I don’t know about you, but I often get frustrated with the same old same old marketing/branding regurgitation that’s out there on the web. And when I do, I head straight for Google Scholar to check out marketing and branding articles there. The trick is finding the complete article, not just the “sales page.” But… Read More


The Beginner’s Guide to Do it Yourself PR

Do It Yourself PR fulfills pretty much the same goals and objectives  as conventional PR. Some use it to draw attention to a personal brand/business, others use it to change perceptions, while others to support a just cause. Whether you use a Press Release, a feature story in a magazine, or social media posts, Do… Read More


Off-Page vs. On-Page SEO: Do You Need a Copywriter? Part 3

I’m funny.  I’m charming.  I’m creative, with a dash of witty … and humble. I’m very humble. I mean, who wouldn’t want a copywriter like me on their team? Joking aside, unless I’m going to make you money, it doesn’t make sense for your business to hire a copywriter. So, in part one of this… Read More


Off-Page vs. On-Page SEO: What the Heck Is It, Anyway? Part 1

Brace yourselves. The topic of this blog that I’m about to delve into, head first, is somewhat obscure. In fact, if you’ve ever had an in-depth discussion with someone in marketing, you know exactly what I mean: What do you do? “I’m in marketing.” What do you do in marketing? “I do Google stuff.” On-page… Read More

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Questions To Ask When Considering Public Relations

The decision to work with a PR firm, or start managing public relations in-house is always going to be a step forward for any business, as it means an expansion in visibility and improvement in company reputation. Having decided that public relations is a route that your business wishes to go down in regards to… Read More

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Creating A Vibrant Social Media Buzz To Promote Your Dental Practice

Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to create a buzz about your business, whatever it is, with the help of the internet. If you are a dentist and you want to promote your dental practice in the most practical and effective way, you should try to use the social media buzz to attract new patients to your… Read More


Press Release: Finding Brand: The Brand Book Tutorial Hits Amazon’s Shelves Today

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marketing Managers, CMO’s, and Business Owners now have a reliable guide to help manage and grow their brand: Finding Brand   Eagle Point, OR. – September 4, 2013 –   Brands are defenseless.  Companies wipe their feet on them, they throw them in the trash, and they don’t have the patience to let them… Read More


Press Release: Synergizes Traditional and Internet Marketing Strategies to Help Clients Get Maximum ROI, an established marketing agency in Oregon, synergizes traditional and Internet marketing strategies to help clients get maximum return on investment (ROI). This cross-channel impact of marketing actions enables clients to maximize all avenues for the best possible results. Click here to read the full Press Release

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Tips for Personal Branding in the Digital Era

It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect job and have no plans of leaving — consistent networking and personal branding efforts ensure you’ll stay on the top of your network’s members’ minds and be viewed as an authority in your field. suggests focusing on building a brand instead of a career. That starts… Read More


Press Release: Paradux Media Group Introduces Expanded Lineup of Traditional and Internet Marketing Services

Paradux Media Group announced today an expanded lineup of Traditional and Internet Marketing Services to better serve their clients marketing and advertising needs. We know that advertising using traditional methods is still an important part of any marketing campaign but truly successful advertising campaigns are all about the balance between traditional materials and the internet. With… Read More


Using Public Relations as a Marketing Tool

As we know, there is a slight difference between what can be called marketing and what is classed as Public Relations (PR). However, this isn’t to say that they don’t overlap in any way and therefore can’t influence each other. Marketing is commonly defined as how you promote and persuade people to buy your products… Read More

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Save money with Do-It-Yourself online Public Relations

In the current challenging economic climate, the cost of hiring an external Public Relations agency can be just too much for many small businesses to afford. But without effective and smart PR, how is any business to survive and come through these difficult times? The answer might be DIY online PR. With a little insider… Read More

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Press Releases: Are They Worth the Effort?

Press releases aren’t a link building strategy that will work for any business, and they sure aren’t supposed to be “released” and published every week and on every piece of content you create. It’s even questionable how much of a link building strategy they really are, being used and misused many times, with people basing… Read More

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Facebook Do You Have A Facebook Strategy? – The Beginning

What is your Facebook strategy, do you have one? Is it about getting people to ‘like’ your page, ‘like’ posts, comment on posts, drive traffic to your website, visibility, likeability, engagement, awareness, promote products, sell products or services, expert status, public relations, customer feedback, to make money?  Your answer is probably yes, yes all of… Read More

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How To Do Good With Marketing

People who work in marketing do not, fundamentally, have the most beloved of professions. From Bill Hicks’ legendary “If anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourselves” routine to your parents who have tell their neighbours that you’re in jail to avoid having to say what you actually do for a living, this is… Read More

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Enhance Your Customer Experience

Thanks to the Internet, and in particular social media, the customer has more power than ever before. Happy customers will gladly act as evangelists for your product or service, and unhappy ones will make sure that everyone they know is aware of how you have let them down. This means that good customer service is… Read More

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The Real Purpose for Press Releases

OK, I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Press Releases aren’t just for inviting the press to press conferences anymore. In today’s online and mile-a-minute world, press releases often substitute for journalist research and article crafting. It is not at all uncommon for a press release to form the basis of the… Read More

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Cause Marketing for Brands

How many times has a news story broken that reveals a profound injustice? Too often I’d argue. If you’re not an Auburn fan (or you don’t know one) you may not have heard about the poisoning of the trees at Toomer’s Corner by someone claiming to be an Alabama Fan. These trees were more than a… Read More

Not on Facebook? 5 Reasons You Need to Be!

I’ve spent a lot of time talking with business owners this week about why their business and brand should participate on Facebook. Everyday more businesses are creating their Facebook page and jumping into social media. But for those of you still debating whether or not to jump into the fray let me give you a… Read More