The decision to work with a PR firm, or start managing public relations in-house is always going to be a step forward for any business, as it means an expansion in visibility and improvement in company reputation. Having decided that public relations is a route that your business wishes to go down in regards to positive marketing, company owners or managing directors need to consider the best way to set up and control their campaigns and strategies so that they achieve the best results. Prior to beginning your campaigns, or liaising with prospective agencies, it is a good idea for a business to reflect on their company and ask themselves these key questions so that they are clear of their objectives.

What are you Selling?

It might seem that this question has an obvious answer, as you will well be aware of the products of services that your business are trying to sell, but is also important to determine more than just a description of what you sell. Prior to setting up any PR, a business should determine whether they are selling products and services that are simply practical and useful, or whether they are focused towards aesthetic qualities and whether they are a necessity, or a desirable item.

By determining what type of item your business sells, you can establish what public relations strategies you should to use, and even form a clearer view of exactly who your target audience is.

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What is the Value of what you Sell?

Being aware of the monetary, use, and quality value of your product will help you research and find public relations strategies that will create good results for your business. The value of your product or service should reflect the quality of what you sell as well as the wealth of the audience that you are selling to.

Knowing the true value of what your business sells will help a PR agency, or in-house team know the publications and media to liaise with when trying to create a positive reputation, and will also help with the creation of a voice for your business, when combined with other aspects such as sector, product, and audience that you are targeting.

Who are you Selling to?

Being clear on what audience you are targeting is essential when wanting to create good PR, as misguided targeting will not transpire into sales and profit nor positive reputation. Before consulting with a PR agency, it is always best to have an idea of who your target audience is as this will help when deciding what strategies to use and avenues to try when improving visibility of your business.

For example, businesses whose target audience is people in the age group 18-25 will find that their campaigns include using a range of popular, existing and new, growing media platforms to promote themselves as these are often used by younger members of society.

How will you Monitor Results?

Before beginning a PR campaign, decide how you and the agency or in-house team that you use will monitor results. With public relations campaigns often being slow and steady, a business will want to set flexible goals and be aware that results will vary in levels of success. Being clear on what you want your business to achieve from a PR campaign and how you will monitor its success in terms of reach and/or increase in sales prior to beginning public relations marketing will mean that the most suitable and appropriate avenues are used.

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