Four Web Trends to Watch Out for in 2014

One of the best internet marketing strategies is to never repeat yourself when it's not to your benefit. For example, you would re-post the same content on social media in order to reach different readership bases, but you wouldn't constantly ask a visitor to sign up

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Missing PiecesWe’re only a month in, and the web marketing industry in 2014 is already shaping up to be quite different than it was in 2013. But that’s just the nature of a business where change is everything. As such, the best internet marketing associations and custom web page designers are looking to stay ahead of the curve at all times — or running as fast as they can to play catch-up to the firm that’s innovating first. To help you stay in the loop, here are a handful of web trends to keep a lookout for in 2014:

Long-Scrolling Pages
When web developers first realized how much traction they could get out of placing content on multiple pages, that’s exactly what they did. After all, more pages meant more ad money. But now, the landscape is moving toward mobile-optimized design and development over everything else. And good mobile viewing requires fewer page breaks — or none at all. Look for more sites to adopt long-scrolling web pages, as a way to accommodate those users who are viewing the content on their smartphones or tablets.

Mobile-Friendly Navigation
Speaking of the mobile frontier, it’s important to mention exactly which direction those trends are heading in. In just a few short years, more web browsing will occur on mobile devices than actual desktop computers. As a result, you’re likely going to see plenty of websites simplifying their overall designs and adding more mobile-ready options for viewing. The name of the game for 2014 and beyond is responsive custom web page design and development — and that means quicker page loading times, above anything else.

Creative Typography
Keep an eye on your favorite websites’ homepages in the coming weeks and months. Some might have already switched to blurred background photos in lieu of scrolling carousels, and there’s an important reason for that: social media. There are currently 150 million monthly users on Instagram, and that’s been a huge impact on internet marketing firms, too. Logo design teams are now putting together images that look like they could have passed through an Instagram filter, to appear more arty or abstract. That’s what’s connecting to the average web user today.

Dynamic Content
One of the best internet marketing strategies is to never repeat yourself when it’s not to your benefit. For example, you would re-post the same content on social media in order to reach different readership bases, but you wouldn’t constantly ask a visitor to sign up for your newsletter (especially if they’ve already signed up). Instead, leading custom web page designers are making each of a user’s visits unique and different. Web articles and blog posts don’t have a very long shelf life, so more sites are churning out more and more fresh content by the hour

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