With the growing popularity of YouTube and other similar platforms, video programming has continued to grow in reach, particularly for businesses to increase customer engagement. It has been proven time and time again that video content gets dramatically higher conversion and engagement rates than traditional types of media.

Why does this happen and how can you take advantage of this medium? Here is some insight as to why video is so powerful and how your business can benefit from it.

Why It Works

People have short attention spans. Companies must use this to their advantage in the marketing world. In addition, consumers develop lazy habits when looking for information to make decisions; they want accurate answers fast and without having to do a lot of work. Videos work for both of these needs.

Visual content is easier for our brains to understand, thereby making video a quicker and easier way to learn. You can read a tutorial about how to knit, but your brain will much better understand — and appreciate — a video where it can see it and copy much more easily. And the statistics back it up: Emails with minimal text and that include video increase click-through rates two to threefold. So what kind of videos can your company make?

Product Demos

Use Video to Increase Customer EngagementDemonstrations of how your product works help to create trust with viewers. If seeing is believing, then video demos are the way to make prospects believe in your company and product. As an example, take a look at Amway’s YouTube account. A large portion of its content is product demonstrations.

One of the videos about a water filtering system is just one example of how the brand tells its story. It’s one thing to hear about the process the water goes through to be cleaned, but it’s another to see it in action. The visuals help consumers understand the process more clearly, allowing them to make decisions faster, and therefore leading to higher engagement. Even if you do not have a physical product, show your service in action. You can tell the story of your work methods, research and more so people can trust what you are offering.

Record Testimonials

Referrals from happy customers can be some of the most qualified leads you see come through your email, so be proactive about getting your customers to speak up! One way to achieve this is by filming testimonials.

In addition to writing case studies, testimonials are a great way to basically have one of your customers give a blanket recommendation to a friend. If they are a local or a well-known name, prospects will be more likely to trust them. While they’re not as strong as a personal referral, testimonials still have the power to convert customers on the fence about your product or service.

Show Your Culture

Nobody wants to work with companies who treat their employees badly, have poor attitudes or are generally not friendly. Videos featuring your company culture are a great way to build up a reputation of being a fun, happy and responsible place to do business. Showcase workplace events, company volunteering or employees discussing how they enjoy working where they do.

These videos make people more confident in the company in which they’re conducting business. Plus, with so much business being done online, it can be easy to get separated from the people you are actually working with, so this adds back the human element. Video marketing is a trend companies must embrace, as the medium provides new opportunities for customer engagement and ways to grow your business previously unimaginable.

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