Why Product Photography Matters

Product Photography: Many online retailers realize that product photography ranks high on the list of factors affecting customer.

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Many online retailers realize that product photography ranks high on the list of factors affecting customer satisfaction. However, some don’t realize why product photography matters. With the transition away from brick and mortar stores, the ability to pick up and compare products has disappeared. Consumers want to see what they are purchasing before they make a decision.

5 Reasons Why Product Photography Matters

Creates Brand Recognition

Product Photography

Product photography allows you to customize the look of your online store. Think of your website as your display window. Keep the look consistent with your brand and the image you want to convey to customers. A marketing agency can help you develop your company image and pick a photography style that compliments it nicely.

Accurate Portrayal of Products

A wordy description may work for some items if your customers take the time to read them. However, how do you describe the way colors work together or the specific size of something? Simple, add a photograph. A well-lit and staged photography accurately represents your products and communicates size, color, and details with ease. Product photos build trust by reassuring customers that they know what they are buying. Trust creates return customers. Use multiple views to show all sides of the product. Also, consider a standard-sized object, such as a deck of cards, or quarter, to show measurements.

Show off Products

Ask any new parent, the best way to brag on something is to show a photo! Why does product photography matter? Because it allows you to display the best things about your product. Appealing photos influence people’s purchasing decisions in positive ways. As a word of caution, make sure you maintain your integrity. Customers who are fooled by photographic tricks of scale will most likely return your products and leave an unhappy review.

Convey Information

The saying “a picture is worth 1,000 words” is increasingly true in today’s society. People do not take the time to read long descriptions. They want to see an image, obtain the necessary information, and move on, often basing their purchases on images alone. Use your product photography to convey information to the consumer. Take photos of tags, close-ups of textures, and photographs from all angles to give them as much information as possible.

Sharing of Images

People share images more than they share product descriptions. Images can easily be shared on social media, by text, or in person. Think of the viral aspect of memes, or how often you hear someone say, “Come look at this!” By carefully designing your product photography, you influence how information is passed between individuals. Someone may paraphrase your words but often it’s easier to show a photo than to explain it! While someone can alter your photo with a program, they would have to do so intentionally.

There are many benefits to product photography which lead to increased sales, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced returns. Call Paradux Media Group today to begin designing your digital media plan!

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