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All in the Circle of Likeability

We are often asked about our philosophy regarding marketing and buying media. In general is, “it all works if used properly and all fails if used improperly.” While the message and brand must remain on point, how people use and consume each media is different. How to best engage with individuals changes from media to … Read More.

Meet Your Customers Where They Spend Their Free Time

Image the power of knowing exactly what your customers like to do in their free time. If you knew that they generally owned horses – you would have the ability think creatively about where your messages could intercept them.
Photo credit: cheryl.dudley

The regional section in the Horse Fancier’s magazine?
Sponsoring a show?
Partnering with the local grange on … Read More.

How the Marketing Landscape has Changed for 2011

The marketing landscape is changing quite rapidly these days, if you’re still advertising the way you were in 2009, you’re missing some valuable opportunities today and more importantly, you’ll miss significant opportunities as we move into 2011. Email, Social Media to See More Marketing Dollars in 2011
Trends of 2010 out there in blog-land this week, … Read More.

Just Because it's a "Deal" You Shouldn't Always Buy

photo credit: ted_major
From time to time, we all get an amazing “deal” that comes across our desk from the media. And it’s tempting to throw $300-$500 dollars at something that we’re getting for 75% off or even 50% off. But in those moments, it’s critical that you remember what your strategy is, and why … Read More.

Syncing up Your Messages

photo credit: andrewrennie
I’ve sat in a lot of rooms lately with small business owners and discussed the imperative nature of syncing all their outbound messages together. And while it sounds good, it’s very often not something happens with great regularity. But doing so will help you to maximize your brand message and get the … Read More.


Using and Buying Media Wisely

This seems like a good time, before we get fully into planning season, to talk about the best uses of media. I touched on this briefly in my recent post the Intersection of Planning and Improvisation. But this is really a topic that deserves a full post before annual plans are laid for 2011.
The first thing you … Read More.