4 Branding Trends for 2015

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Building a brand in 2015 is more complicated than ever before. With the rise of technology, more businesses have been able to increase their sales even if they are just starting out. This is partially due to increased use of social sharing, but the truth is that the Internet levels the playing field. Businesses need to follow the newest trends in marketing in order to keep their brand standing out above the rest.

photo credit kate hiscock
photo credit kate hiscock

Remind Users of the Real People behind Your Brand

While your social media pages should avoid potentially offensive or political topics, it is important to show that the people behind your brand have personal opinions. Show off your humanity subtly. This can be done by making regular posts that show compassion for some aspects in your industry or simply highlighting workers that have helped advance your brand.

Invite Users to Participate

Encouraging users to participate in something can help you gain a more captive audience. This could be as simple as including a message that says “share if you agree.” Some brands have seen success with asking their audience questions or requesting their input on a new line of products. People that are asked what they think are more likely to return to a website or social media page in the future.

Use Plenty of Visual Images

Color draws attention and keeps people focused on what your brand has to say. In addition, many social media networks emphasize posts that have images, giving them more space in user feeds. Bright, colorful photos are also more likely to be shared by users, increasing your brand’s exposure.

Provide a Solution

Remember that your brand is a solution to a problem. Make sure your brand is conveniently placed where it is needed the most. Create a straightforward ad and then invest in digital advertising that can be automatically distributed to users based on keywords that they recently used.

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