Dixie Nuñez

Online Marketing Ambassador

Smart, confident and a little sass can do wonders in the Advertising World and that is what Melinda ‘Dixie’ Nuñez brings to Paradux Media Group. As Online Marketing Ambassador Dixie works with our clients to help bridge the gap between their business and its online presence. Designing websites, managing social media and web support are just a few of the ways that she does this.

Great people skills and a WordPress dynamo, Dixie designs, and maintains our WordPress websites. She also teaches our clients how to use them so that they can manage their online content.Dixie’s past experience of administration in the medical field gives her the ability to communicate technical and complicated information in an easy to understand way.

When Dixie is not working in the Pond she spends her time finding many outlets for her creativity. She enjoys sculpting, crocheting, beading, writing, potion making, and many other crafty type things.

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