Ways to Make Yourself a Trusted Online Authority Through Writing and Content Production

Whether you’re writing and producing content for commercial online consumption so as to make money from it directly or so as to utilize it to become known and trusted

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Whether you’re writing and producing content for commercial online consumption so as to make money from it directly or so as to utilize it to become known and trusted so that more Net surfers will make their way to your online place of business, it can seem daunting to determine just how to use those words and images in ways that are profitable. What to say? What to show? Where to begin? How to ask people to buy when social media marketing dominates? How to influence people to come visit your content hubs over and over again?

What you want to do is simply consider some basic, elemental techniques, methods, and insights for how to approach your writing and content creation efforts. Some of the things that work in today’s social media marketing climate appear to be counterintuitive. Others are outright contrarian to marketing tradition. But these are all well researched, and they are utilized by the successful people in the world of Internet content creation and marketing.

Whatever you’re marketing is not important. That definitely sounds crazy. You are confident that you’re an honest person who has spent considerable time researching and finding or creating quality products to market online, products that people really need or certainly desire. You’re sure that these products have a strong target prospect audience, too. What gives? The real meaning of the statement about your stuff’s importance is that people care first and foremost about themselves. They don’t care about any products or any provided services unless those things can be shown to somehow be a meaningful part of the “All About Me” story that they’re living out. Whenever you write or produce content, forget about telling people about what you provide. Instead, tell them what’s in it for them.

Share ideas or information that others would try to hide. Don’t be a spin doctor for yourself or your business. Share bad news as well as good news about you or your business. This makes you come across to people as the transparent and honest marketer or producer that you are. It makes you seem like an authentic human being (which presumably you really are), and other human beings buy from such people.

Be consistent with what you write. Consistency builds trust, and people’s trust in you is what leads to your making sales. The last thing you want to come across as is a “flip-flopping waffle”. Don’t change your stance on a topic or an issue to bend with the way the wind blows. Hold firm to what you or your business stand for. If you have integrity and a real sense of commitment, consistency isn’t hard to express; just make sure that your commitment comes across and that you never stoop to appease negative opponents.

Create content that has its own value. Whatever you write, whatever videos you publish, whatever podcasts you cast should have intrinsic value. People should not “need” to buy anything to get value out of your shared content. Your content should inform, educate, instigate, or inspire all alone. A person reading at your site for free should walk away from the computer or surf to another website feeling, with certainty, that they just received a benefit.

Your content, as well as whatever stuff you may be marketing, must be social objects. Social objects are things or ideas which cause two people to talk to each other as opposed to talking with other people. So, whatever content you create, whether it’s being used directly or indirectly for making money, must translate into a social object. Although you’re not writing a novel when you create online content, think about the novelist. A best-selling author’s novel is a social object. People who have read the novel or who may be interested in reading it talk to others who have read it. That book gets people talking to each other, about the book and about the author.

The above are some of the most significant ways that you can use online content producing and writing as highly effective means of profiting in today’s social media marketing reality.


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