I really don’t like blogging.  I do find it a necessary evil today no matter what business category you fall into.  Blogging seems to lend credibility to who and what it is that you do.  It can make you an expert in the field that you work in.  It adds great material to your website, to your tweets, to your Facebook posts and with RSS feeds today it’s hard to argue against the benefit of blogs although it still doesn’t make me like writing them.

I was reading why certain people fail at writing blogs, you know the one’s, they have to tell you the exact number of reasons why, this one was seven reasons why you won’t succeed at being a blog writer.  One of the reasons was “you’re not analytical,” for me that’s very true.  I love to cook as I never have to measure.  I cook from feel and heart.  I try to stay away from baking as it is more of an exact science.

I’m not one that school or reading ever came easy to.  I struggled, what I’ve learned in my career I’ve mostly learned the hard way.  Listening and learning form some of the best people I could find in the advertising field.  While I don’t have a knack for reading I do have a gift to remember and all conversations and being able to process it in a way that I can use it.

I had a conversation with a new friend who instructs in writing blogs, he noticed that I was a talker (not hard to do after 2 minutes in a coffee shop) and gave me the advice to call my Google voicemail and just talk.  I’ll then be sent the transcript of my conversation from Google voicemail and could then just edit the transcript into a blog.  I haven’t tried it yet, but if 2 months from now my blogs are pouring out with the regularity of 3 per week then Google voice mail may be the reason.

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  1. Mike Sansone on November 28, 2010 at 11:53 am

    What a great comparison on the cooking vs baking. I’m gonna use that one a few times.

    A cooking teacher once told me how “too much touch makes the meatloaf dry” – and true it is for writing too, as you share here. Just spill (and stir), hmm?

    I can hardly wait to “hear” your next post. My eyes (and ears) are ready and hungry:-)

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