Daily Deal Websites: What Businesses Should Know Before They Sign the Dotted Line

You may be considering using daily deal websites to reach your customers, but here's what you need to know.

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You may be considering using deal websites to reach your customers, but you should know certain things before signing the dotted line with daily deal website merchants.

Daily Deals Websites Need Deals

You would need to create a certain deal for your customers to go in for, before signing the dotted line with the merchants that sell their daily deal websites. In order to do this, you should maintain friendly relations with the merchants, so that they will help you create a daily deal for you. You can also have their sales representatives do that for you, provided you also maintain good relations with them. Using some salesmanship techniques, you can get the daily deals merchants on board.

Understand the needs of the merchants

Normally, you would need to understand your customers, but in this case, it is the other way round. You need to understand the needs and the parameters of the daily deal websites. For example, consider how many customers they would need to serve or what deals they could offer a few people. For example, a restaurant with just a hundred seats cannot manage to seat 500 people who are redeeming your voucher in just one day. You would want a deal that works well both for you as well as for the merchants dealing in the daily deals.

Know what you are looking for at a Daily Deal Websites

photo credit ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ via Flickr
photo credit ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ via Flickr

The task of finding a good merchant comes down to knowing what you are looking for. What is the demography of the area in which your business is based? What kind of daily deal merchants fit the bill? You would want to have the same target audience as your daily deal merchants for ease of running your daily deal campaign. For example, if your target audience comprises aficionados of designer clothing, then consider designer clothes vendors, those who sell designer clothes on sale most of the time, etc. If your target audience comprises foodies, then you would need to partner with restaurants or cafes. Get ready to tell your customers about what is special about your business website when you have ready a deal.

Have your application ready

If you are considering partnering with one of the daily deal websites, then have your daily deal application ready to be rolled out into the market. Have a list of subscribers ready too. You will have to know well ahead of time what deal you are going to introduce to your customers and what will not work for your business. Make a plan and have everything ready on time.

Determine the time frame

Determine the time frame in which your deals would be applicable. Some daily deal websites offer deals that are only one day long. Other websites have deals that are extended from a one day offer to an offer that lasts more tha several days. Understand what the tipping point is, at which the deal would go into effect. For example, if the value is on an hour-long city tour, then the merchant might want to have more customers to make it worthwhile. You would need to consider all these things as a business before signing on the dotted line.

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