Exhibit Your Business With A Trade Show.

Trade shows are great opportunities for people from similar business backgrounds to come together, showcase what they have, suss out the competition, and

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Trade shows are great opportunities for people from similar business backgrounds to come together, showcase what they have, suss out the competition, and learn from each other.

Trade shows are also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain an understanding of what similar companies are offering.

Why should you take your business to a trade show?

Trade shows are particularly great if you are looking to re-brand a company or are launching a new product and you want to show off a little to your competitors. They are also great for smaller businesses that are looking for ways of expansion, or that would like to reach a much wider audience.

Trade shows are a very powerful marketing strategy that are held over just a few short days but the amount of people that attend trade shows is huge. In just a few short days your trade show stand will be visible to thousands of people, therefore it is essential that it attracts people and stands out from the rest.

You will have the chance to get leads that are qualified because most trade shows are industry specific so therefore everyone attending will have a genuine interest in this field.

Some trade shows are open to the public which will need to have different objectives than those just open to tradesmen.

Successful Trade Shows

In order to make a trade show successful you need to take everything into account from your dress code to your sales pitch. Your stand needs to attract people and make people stop and wander. Therefore you need a professional design company that will be able to design your stand in a way that is so effective you can generate sales leads from it.

Where do I start?

The first thing to set out when planning a trade show are your objectives, but you need to keep your competition at the back of your mind at all times. Do you want to build awareness? Demonstrate a product or promote a service? Each objective will have a different strategy and you will need to incorporate this strategy into every factor.

You need to think of ways in which you can enhance your visitor’s experience. Give them something to try out such as a task but feed it back to what you do as a company and then what you can offer them as a client.

Research different services such as a trade show logistics service and a stand design company, not only to get the best price but to see what they can do for you.



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  1. Joy says

    We must keep this engagement as interesting and interactive as possible since we will be directly competing with other companies who may be proposing the same solutions. participating in a trade show also means making a significant investment but with the amount of exposure you may potentially be getting, this is well worth it. Thanks!

  2. Kristine says

    Thanks Dominic, this is such a powerful initiative. I completely agree that trade shows are widely accepted and visited so this is one most effective mediums to send your message across personally. We just have to bear in mind that in order for us to generate leads, we must socialize and make the most out of this opportunity 🙂

  3. Alex says

    Great post Dominic – with some actionable content at the end = now THAT is how a post should be written. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing – I’m off to a trade show next week so I will keep this post in my mind when I go


  4. David Arkham says

    Great post! Tradeshows are an awesome venue to showcase your company in a personal and effective way! It can act as a great team building exercise, and can generate a lot of business leads. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait for your next article!

  5. Swapnil says

    Yes Dominic,
    Trade fares are the best opportunities for the people who work in same niche, they can share ideas and learn many things about their business and also get some ideas for betterment of their product and services, it helps their business to grow and get recognized among the competitors.
    Good Post overall.

  6. Preeti says

    Trade Shows are the only place where you can learn from you competitors and prepare strategies for the future. Also trade shows are the foremost marketing platform where you have huge opportunity to sell to good number of buyers. As the visitors in the trade show generally ranges from 1000’s to lacs.

  7. Concrete Scanning says

    To enhance business experience here mentioned ideas are effective. I try to attend trade shows whenever it held around the world. For business and product promotion such trade fair is significant. Recently I’ve attended in Dhaka Trade Fair in Bangladesh and it was a great fun indeed meeting up with people out there and expanding my products presence as well. Thanks.

  8. Jeff says

    Preeti (commenter above) is spot on – take advantage of trade shows to spy on your competitors and see what THEY’RE doing, both right and wrong. Not only this, but you’re able to get consumer feedback DIRECTLY and on the spot as well, no other method of marketing gives you these options so readily available.

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