Content Creators Shouldn’t Fear Google Penguin

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Mention the words, Google Penguin, in a room full of online entrepreneurs and it’s likely you’ll see expressions of sheer horror pass across at least half the faces. Those will be the individuals who found themselves heavily penalized when Google first introduced the new program. Many have yet to restore their websites to the ratings the sites previously enjoyed, and some never will.

You shouldn’t let their fear transfer itself to you. Ask any good SEO Copywriter about the program and they will tell you that the Penguin program should actually be celebrated, that it changed web copy for the better.

Increased Opportunities to Connect with Customers and Generate Leads

Prior to Google Penguin webmasters experimented with using things like ebooks and guides to improve revenue, generally netting mixed results. Now, these things have become a huge part of lead-generation marketing and have actually helped some websites decrease the amount of money they previously spent on other forms of advertising. Business owners who make use of professional article writers and content creation services have noticed the quality of the content provided has become much better and that the average SEO Copywriter to be more willing to adapt their services and customize them to the business owners unique needs.

Customers are Happy

Before last year, finding information on the internet sometimes seemed like an impossible task. A person could spend hours surfing the web, trying out all sorts of different keywords until finally hitting on the combination that led them to what they were looking for. Even than, the web copy usually contained so many keywords, the information was practically unreadable. This made the average web surfer very irritable and frustrated. The more irritated they became, the less likely it was that they’d make a purchase, even after finding the item they sought.

By penalizing websites that have content stuffed with keywords, web surfers have been treated to an entirely different experience. Granted, it can still take some trial and error before they get the perfect set of keywords, but once they find what they’re looking for they content will be well written and informative. Good quality web copy means they get a good first impression of the business and there’s a strong chance that they’ll make a purchase. Provided the site owner remains diligent about updating their content, they will notice a majority of their web traffic will be made up of repeat visitors, and the more frequently a person visits the site, the great the chances of them eventually making a purchase.

The Playing Field Has Been Leveled

For as long as search engines have been ranking websites, webmasters have been crying foul. No one minds being ranked, but they have objected to the fact that so many of the highly ranked websites used black hat SEO, such as hidden keywords and purchased links to improve their ranking and the search engines never caught on. Google designed Penguin to identify the black hat tricks and has severe penalties. Ever website will be rated fairly. The better the websites design, links, and content, the better the ranking will be.


Mark Long

Mark Long became an SEO Copywriter in the pre-Google world, and finds he loves his job even more now that the quality of content has improved so much in the past years. He and his team of article writers enjoy creating custom content for both large and small online businesses.

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