Grow Your Blog: Farming for Increased Revenues

Business owners want increased internet presence, and when you grow your blog, you make a big step forward in visibility for your business.

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When business owners look at their internet presence, a better search engine result is what they’re working towards. Of course, there’s a goal beyond that – what a higher ranking should bring. Increased revenues. When you choose to grow your blog, you’re moving forward on the right path.

Blogging can help you improve your findability in searches and increase your profits. Every blog post you publish, adds to your inventory on the web. The more inventory you have published, the more findable you become.

But who has time to blog, right?

Let’s look at the time investment of blogging in terms of calendar of days rather than hours in the day. If you invest 15-30 minutes a day, maybe 3-5 times per week, you’ll create a winning web presence.

In many ways, blogging is like farming:

  1. You agitate the old earth, getting fresh soil ready for planting
  2. You plant your seeds
  3. You check on things frequently, sometimes watering or fertilizing the soil
  4. Several months later: Harvest
  5. Rinse and Repeat

And step one above may be the most important. It’s a changing of the soil. It’s not that the old soil is bad, it remains. By tilling the ground, we are integrating the old with the new. 

As you grow your blog, remember the acronym FARM:

grow your blogFrequency – Develop a frequency that is sustainable and consistent. Ideally, you’ll write a post at least three posts each week. By doing so, you will produce an inventory of pages on the web that will increase your credibility and findability in search rankings.

Audience – Your intended audience is who you write for, who you talk to, who you get your ideas from. Don’t try writing award-winning posts. Don’t talk so much about you. Talk about your intended audience and how their problems and pains can be solved. Listen to your day, to your customers. The question you answer today may be a blog post tomorrow.

Readable – Have plenty of breaks in the text, what I call “eye rests.” These can be images, bold phrases, hyperlinks, and bullets. Today’s web and mobile readers are skimmers. Having ample eye rests will slow them down, so they read and remember what you write.

ManageableBlog posts don’t need to be long (boring?) tedious word counts. The Gettysburg Address was 272 words short. Shorter blog posts are more likely to get read, shared, and remembered. Also, shorter blog posts don’t take as long to write.

If you FARM your blog with diligence and care, in a few months you will see higher rankings, stronger relationships, and increased revenues.


Mike Sansone

Author of ConverStations and Co-Founder of the Dialing 8 Project, my passion is to build community – offline and online. I’ve done this through property management, online community programming, volunteerism, and working with ministries and educational organizations. I earn my keep as a Conversation Conductor (what’s that?), helping companies and professionals amplify their reach, relationships, and revenues using various forms of media.

I believe that there’s “Always Room for One More Good One” and at our core, we’re all curious and contagious, yet as we grow in knowledge and experience – it takes courage to exercise our curiosity and contagion

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  1. Mike Frey says

    Great analogy Mike. As you know I battled justifying the time, effort that went into blogging and the ROI that was realistically available. Like with real farming, you truly get out, what you put in. So YES farming a blog does lead to countless opportunities, much more than farming on Farmville will

    • Mike Sansone says

      Thanks Mike (for the comment and opportunity). I think short post are better for both the reader and the business. Everyone is looking to save time. And from a farming perspective, I’ve not seen many things grow if we dump all our seeds into one pile. Here. There. Again There. Short. Manageable.

  2. Kate Brown Wilson says

    I totally agree with this, almost everything listed are true, once you have created your own blog there is no turning back, we must create a good and unique content to the readers to be attracted, likewise in farming, before we plant something in the ground we should know how the situation work,if the plant will live or die. planning and motivation is the most important part here.

    • Mike Sansone says

      Great addition, Kate. Especially the motivation part. Without the motivation, one won’t tend to the plan, right? Thanks!

  3. George says

    Great job in comparing blogging with farming. Like farming, a real passion towards a blog is important to be a successful blogger. Only time will tell you how much successful you are as a professional blogger. Being consistent is the key here also to get the fruitage.

    • Mike Sansone says

      What a fantastic point, George! Farmers do love the ground they work and the crops they produce – and more so, what their work produces beyond the farm. Such passion paves the path of perseverance, yes? Thanks:-)

  4. Kate Brown Wilson says

    Yes you are right Mike without motivation our work and plan will be useless. so we must instill this anytime. thanks for your reply Mike, I really appreciate it.

  5. Ynna says

    Hi Mike! I like your idea and the concept comparing blogging with farming is a good example. Thanks for sharing this useful information. I really appreciate it and i learn so much on you. Job well done!

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