Link Building With Pinterest For Real Estate

Pinterest provides a virtual pinboard that allows users to arrange and share photos and images found on the Web. Users can organize pinboards by topic

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Pinterest provides a virtual pinboard that allows users to arrange and share photos and images found on the Web. Users can organize pinboards by topic or purpose and give social media users a great way to learn about real estate properties, neighborhoods and lifestyles while providing valuable backlinks to real estate websites and blogs. You can find many creative ways to use Pinterest for your real estate business, so now is a good time to sign up for an account and learn how to make the site work for you.

 More About Pinterest

As a social website, Pinterest gives users a chance to post images from their computers, other websites or other Pinterest pinboards in a way that describes them and their businesses. Users can create different boards and share them with different people for different reasons. Pinterest users can also use the site to store meaningful images in ways that make their jobs and personal lives better. Best of all, Pinterest can help with search engine optimization by increasing the visibility of your website in Google, Bing and other popular sites.


Pinterest users re-pin almost 80 percent of all content on the site, but Twitter users retweet less than 1.5 percent of all tweets. This means that you have the ability to get significant more results for your website by using the social imaging site rather than the microblogging site. Re-pinning an image on Pinterest increases the value of the re-pinned image in ways similar to the way a re-tweet increases the value of a tweet. When a Pinterest user sees an image on one of your pinboards and posts it to his or her account, that user increases the value of that content both inside and outside Pinterest. A link to your image travels appears on every board to which users pin the image, so you can dramatically increase the number of backlinks to your website when you pin an image from your real estate blog to your Pinterest board. Your goal is to get the most re-pins as possible for every image you post to your Pinterest account.

 Real Estate Pins

When you use the Pin It button, you can quickly add images from your website to Pinterest. To make this strategy effective, you should choose to pin images from your best and most attractive listings. Average, everyday properties and communities will not attract much interest on Pinterest, so you should choose some photos that have pizzazz. Try pinning photos of celebrity residences, trendy neighborhoods, custom and luxurious homes, large houses, unique properties and ugly properties to get started. When you post unusual or appealing content, other Pinterest users will re-pin it to their own boards and fuel your success.

 Effective Link Building

Pinterest is one more tool that can take the content you create and repurpose it in ways that create more traffic to your websites and blogs. Therefore, you should spend more time creating powerful images that you can pin to Pinterest than the time spent optimizing Pinterest fore link building. You can effectively use Pinterest by tagging your images with search terms that match likely searches. You should choose tags that match actual searches rather than ones that reflect what you wish people would search for. Keep an open and objective mind and you can optimize your pins to deliver the most possible traffic to your site. Your ability to create high-quality content continues to drive your online success.



Ben Sawyer is Internet marketing consultant for more than 5 years. He created many sucessful campaigns for various clients and helped them to improve their online presence. Currently he is working as a Social Media Strategist for , well known real estate company from NYC.

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  1. scottsdale movers says

    I’m really glad I read your post Ben – you’ve verified my suspicions about Pinterest being a powerful tool for not only increasing your link popularity/broadening your link portfolio but getting people interested in collecting images of the “dream home,” to build it and your website traffic for you through the exponential power of social media.

    While the same basic principles apply to linkbuilding with Pinterest as with any other platform, and as your sagely mentioned, creating valuable content is key, there are a few nuances that make it most effective. One tip I’ll pass along is to Pin videos that you create and also those that appeal to people interested in buying real estate.

    The bottom line: Pinterest is an inestimably powerful resource in the right hands!

    • Sarah says

      I agree with Pinterest being a great tool, but don’t agree with it as a good tool to diversify your link building since they’re all nofollow links now.
      It can certainly bring in enough traffic to make it worth while though and I love the point about repinning vs retweeting.

  2. Haus Serangoon Garden says

    Thanks for the helpful post. it is really important for the new website launcher. I knew because i have also launched my new website of real estate business that is haus serangoon garden.

  3. Kelly says

    Nice guide on how Pinterest can help real estate. Pinterest is an awesome tool to get attention. Once you post viral images regarding the real estate, they will be shared around the web via repins, thus getting more exposure which can leads to more site traffic and leads for your business.

  4. Jkeating says

    Thanks for such an informative article. The market seems to be either feast or famine these days, hopefully if I do a better job implementing a plan, I can maintain a feast over the winter months instead of the famine I am used to expecting. It seems like the buyers are so picky and the sellers are so deflated, it is hard switching gears with each new client. I think your ideas are wonderful and hopefully will help me expand my selling capabilities. I will keep you posted on how things go once I make the changes. Thanks again!

  5. SEO Firm says

    I use Pinterest daily in my work but was not getting proper results in link building through it.You shared really good points for that.Definitely going to implement them.

  6. السعودية شقق للايجار says

    Social media is an effective tool for traffic generation and also link building and you have really mentioned the importance of Pinterest in this post really like and appreciate your post.


  7. Shonda says

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  8. Quality Seo Services says

    Pinterest, the latest social networking craze to take the world by storm, can be a useful tool to drive traffic to your website. You can add pins to your boards that link to your site.

  9. olivia158 says

    These tips are really tremendous. I think it would be effective for all. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope everyone like these tips as me.

  10. Drew says

    Great Guidelines about pinterest I, myself also utilizes this kind and its a big help.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.

  11. Juan says

    i have pinterest account, but i’m using it sometimes, maybe i should use it regularly start from now to build my link building

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