Marketing Manager vs Advertising Agency

Many people do not know the difference between a marketing manager vs advertising agency. Many times the roles that each play overlap.

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Many people do not know the difference between a marketing manager vs advertising agency. Marketing managers are usually in-house professionals who make their living by handling the marketing and advertising needs of their employer. They seek out various types of information, balance internal needs and budgets, pay attention to what competitors are offering, and stay on top of current trends in the market. They decide how the businesses products should be developed so that those products can be in demand. However, many times marketing managers take up the same, or similar, roles that advertising agencies focus on.

Marketing Manager vs Advertising AgencyAdvertising agencies often work with a Marketing Manager to develop and implement the marketing and advertising strategies needed by the company. Advertising agencies work with a variety of different companies and find ways to make people interested in products.

When you want to use the services of an advertising agency, you’ll want to talk with one or more agencies to find a good fit for your business. Whichever agency can fix your problem is the best is the one that you work with.

Hiring In-House vs Out-Of-House

Whether to hire an in-house professional or an out-of-house professional depends on the circumstances of your company. If your company is large and is able to nicely compensate and retain workers, then it is a good idea to hire an in-house professional. However, if you have a smaller business and you cannot afford to have one person dedicated to each aspect of marketing, you should choose to work with an out-of-house agency. An advertising agency allows you have skilled professionals working with your company in their areas of expertise.

Which is right for your business a marketing manager vs advertising agency?

It depends – some companies hire both a Marketing Manager and an Advertising Agency, while others choose one or the other. If you’re interested in seeing how an advertising agency can help your business succeed, just give us a call – we’re happy to talk!

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