For small-to-mid-sized businesses to grow in a tight economy, it is critical to differentiate from the competition. One of the most important routes to being unique is through advertising. Advertising agency advantages include working with businesses of any size to generate an advertising campaign that garnishes branding and helps create a name. Advertising agencies are highly specialized in utilizing emerging technology to create ads while still developing content for traditional media outlets. Agencies can be full-service, manage every aspect of a campaign, or work on a contract basis for a portion of the campaign. There are numerous benefits to using an advertising agency, including:


One of the greatest of advertising agency advantages is branding. Agency artists can create logos and other design elements that can become part of the advertising. The team can also tailor the brand toward meeting the challenges of digital marketing.

Cost Savings

Another significant benefit is cost savings because advertising agencies absorb a significant portion of service-oriented and administrative expenses like salaries for highly-talented team members and equipment. By paying a fee to an advertising agency, the business is avoiding the high costs of adding a department to operations.

Advertising Agency Advantages: Experience

Advertising Agency AdvantagesWhen selecting an agency, it is important to ensure they have extensive experience in the industry. This confirms that campaigns will be created and implemented by the best-of-the-best within advertising. As agencies are always searching for the top talent and their employee’s skills are further refined through additional training and development. Also, employees are exposed to a variety of campaigns which helps them gain additional experience for various clients. Hiring this type of talent in-house can be an incredible cost for small-to-mid-sized companies who may not have the budget.

Industry Information

The best ad agencies have numerous industry contacts and maintain professional relationships that allow them to improve the client’s campaigns from a cost, speed or aesthetic perspective. Agencies often partner with printing companies, independent publicists, local and national media, and publishing companies. Many of these relationships have taken years to secure, giving the agency a significant advantage over a new in-house department with little experience.


An advertising agency consults with clients regularly during the entire development process to ensure satisfaction from beginning to end. During this process, advertising experts will learn the business, corporate culture, products, and personal preferences before generating a new campaign. The goal is to convey the value and uniqueness of the organization before creating a brand. Many companies incorporate the ad agency into their advertising strategy, of which the agency can also assist.

An advertising agency can deliver a wealth of benefits to any business, large or small, and can even be incorporated into the advertising and marketing strategy. If you are located in Southern Oregon and looking for an ad agency to work on your next campaign, contact Paradux Media Group today! We can work with you to determine what services you need and the various solutions we can offer.

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