You have just set up your own business, fulfilling the dream of running your own company.  You now need to market yourself, get your business out there and start making sales.  Here are a few tips about marketing material for your company.

Business cards

Having your own business cards with your contact details clearly on the card is very important. It is best to have a good quality business card.  It can be hard to decide which one to have as there is so much choice, here are few ways to get the best business card and get people looking after it.

1) Choose a high gsm

Gsm stands for grams per square metre and is a measurement of paper quality.  Printers can then be more accurate with the type of paper.  The thicker the paper, the better quality. There are many people who just get business cards on a very thin piece of paper, which easily tears and then does not look professional.  A 350gsm business card is very sturdy, does not rip and exudes high quality.

2) Avoid white

It is not always the best colour to use as it can get discoloured very easily and marked.  Two colour business cards are a reasonable price and it also stands out. You do not want your business card to be the same as everyone else’s.  You want to differentiate yourself from the others.

3) Ask for samples

Which ever business printing company you use, you should always get samples of the business cards and brochures.  This way you can easily see what the final product is going to look like before you commit to the job.


You have just set up your office. If it is an agency or a company that has a welcome area for clients, you can also put promotional material on display. A brochure contains all the important information about your company and while people are waiting in the reception or in the meeting room, they can have a read through the brochure.  There are a number of different printing companies throughout Australia, you just have to pick the one that has the best budget for your needs

The same tips apply to brochures as business cards. They have to be a good quality paper, between 170 and 250gsm, there should be an attractive cover and you should also get some samples from the printing company.

About the Author:

Robin Sharman

Wherever you are in the country, ensure you use your local printing provider.  For example if you want printing in Melbourne visit the local printing shop down the road.  Do not go further afield as it will become too expensive for delivery.  There are a number of companies that have printing services.  Make sure you check out the turnaround time as you do not want to be waiting weeks to get your marketing material.


  1. Kate Brown Wilson on May 3, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    Using this strategy will sure bring us to success, many people around the world doesn’t know some of the things you have listed. these are quite easy steps to follow for us to become successful, I am just wondering can I use this tips in online business?

  2. Angel on May 17, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    I do agree that promotional materials and brochures are still the best traditional marketing material for your business and it should not only contain the important information about your business but also meet the quality standards of materials used to it. As of these days, those promotional materials should be unique since modern ads are its tough competitor.

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    you offered us so many interesting ideas & thought,that i have to think a little bit about this especially”marketing that does more than market”

  4. Business coaching services on June 19, 2013 at 11:33 pm

    With the growth of the internet the World is becoming is a much smaller place. Your product of service can be sold anywhere in the world or kept locally. If you don’t have an internet presence you are missing out on a lot of potential income. You now have the ability to make money, service clients and generate leads 24 hours a day, ever day.

  5. Donald Quixote on December 3, 2013 at 8:38 am

    Honestly, I think that the success of a business relies heavily on the marketing strategy that that business has, therefore, if a business has NO marketing strategy, the business is not very likely to succeed.

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