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5 Signs Your Business Needs an Answering Service

Good customer service is crucial to the success of a business. Often the interactions customers have when calling your company for the first time create either a lasting good or a lasting bad first impression. Many small businesses start out by addressing all customer calls and concerns themselves, but overtime this may become too much… Read More

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The Effectiveness of Promotional Products

As technology changes, so do the ways in which people interact and gather information. Technology has always had a great impact on businesses both large and small, and those smaller organizations who don’t embrace new technological advances are often left in the dust. But even though popular tech advances, such as smartphones and cloud computing,… Read More

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Vehicle Signage: Low Cost Marketing with a Large Audience

Marketing Savvy With all the cries about ‘advertising space’ and ‘copy’ and ‘design’, businesses have to hit the savvy button when it comes to marketing. There isn’t much that doesn’t cost a fortune. Advertise on social networks and it could cost you ‘per click’. You don’t even know how many clicks that might be. Escalating… Read More

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Online Research: What Happens After Your Survey is Completed?

Most of us already know the benefits of filling out online surveys; it’s one of the easiest and simplest forms of making money online, but what happens to the survey afterwards? If we can understand where it goes, how the data is used and what the process is then you’re more likely to continue taking… Read More

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How To Build Better Beauty Salon Ads

Image by infomatique All beauty salons were created the same, no matter how different your business looks from others, who your customer base may be, or what type of salon you have. They all have the same business needs: every salon needs customers to drive sales and every owner needs marketing to help create those… Read More

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Five Ways to Think Yourself to Success

Despite the axiom “you are what you eat”, what really shapes us is how we think and this saying should be changed to “you are what you think.” Having a positive outlook will build positive perceptions, not only of ourselves and our lives, but on our actual success. Act Successfully.  This may be considered a… Read More


CreateSpace vs. Lightning Source for Self-Publishing

If you’re self-publishing your “dead tree” book, you know how costly it can be to print copies. When you print a number of copies in advance, you run the risk of no one actually buying them. Having a lot of books on hand with no buyers will cost you money. An alternative is to print… Read More


My BCS Experience

Our flight was from Sacramento which meant the trip began with a 4 ½ hour haul down I-5 Saturday morning. Tim and I were ready, a dream come true to watch the Ducks in the BCS Title game. The 4 ½ hours just flew by; we were in Sacramento in what seemed to be a… Read More

Happy Holidays!

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