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So have you played with any of the new Facebook changes? Most of us are aware of the new subtle changes on Facebook in the past month, the size of pictures

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So have you played with any of the new Facebook changes?  Most of us are aware of the new subtle changes on Facebook in the past month, the size of pictures in the newsfeed, promote button, offers scheduled posts and roles of admins.

The impact of each varies depending on the category of your business and how active your posts are.  For a quick review of the changes:

Promoted posts: You can pay a fee to promote a post so it will be shown in the news feeds of more of the people who like

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your Page than you would reach normally. Friends of Facebook members who have interacted with a promoted post will be more likely to see the information in their news feeds. Promoted posts cost $5 or more.

Scheduled posts: You can schedule your updates to post at a future date and time using the Facebook sharing tool (that’s the box you use to create and post a Status Update). Until now, the only way to schedule a post in the future was through a third-party app. But now, simply by clicking the symbol resembling a clock in the bottom row of the sharing tool and selecting a time and date that you’d like it to go live, you can post a Status Update, photo or video up to six months in advance.

Facebook offers:   ‘Offers’ are a quick and simple way to give a deal/coupon/offer to your Facebook fans.  The best part: This feature costs you a grand total of…nothing!

Administrative roles: You can now assign administrative roles to the people who help manage your page. There are five different roles: manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser and insights analyst. To assign roles to your Facebook page’s admins, login to your Facebook account, visit the Page you manage, click Edit Page above the Admin Panel, and click Admin Roles in the left column.

What we’ve discovered:

Pictures are worth a thousand words.  The resizing of pictures and allowing for larger images on the wall has only improved a business’ visibility.  If your business is a visual business, such as food, arts etc. the edge ranker reports that we’re seeing say’s keep the visuals coming.  If you’d like to read more how photos are king here is a great article with some infographics (pictures).

Does Promoting A Post Work:  Kind of, sometimes, it depends, I know that’s not much help.  Like in life what you bring to the table is what you’ll get out of a promoted post.  While some are saying that Facebook is limiting how many ‘likes’ are able to view the post to sell more promote posts I don’t believe that’s the case.  The limited amount of people reached has more to do with previous posts and 100% of you ‘likes’ just not checking in every single day or available when you made you post.

There is certainly an increase in people reached, viral etc.  As far as it being worth 5 bucks, well the value of 5 bucks is different for everyone.  My belief is that if you’re posting something of significance it’s worth the $5, if it’s a fluff post don’t waste the $.  We’ve seen a much better viral response to meatier posts like blogs, offers, posts that have more to do with what you really do as a business.  I would recommend keeping the fluff post to just that, a post not a promoted post.

Saving time and being more efficient:  We have clients that have really enjoyed scheduled posts.  Let’s face it having a plan is better than flying by the seat of your pants, and scheduled posts allow people to make and create a plan.  While you must make sure that you don’t lose the real time posts, supplementing scheduled posts has made some of our client pretty happy.

The Bigger You are:  The more successful Facebook Offers has worked.  With our larger e-commerce clients with 5 figure ‘likes’ offers has been a nice tool.  For the smaller more local clients the offer needs to be really unique.  Average ticket will have a lot to do with what you think is a success, with a client whose average ticket is $350 when they get 2 people to respond to an ad that didn’t cost them anything, well they’re happy.

What features have you tried?  We’d love to hear your story on how it turned out, or the work that is still in process.  If you have any questions or would like any assistance with your marketing we always offer free 30 minute consultations that you can book a time and day here.


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