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Why We Use WordPress to Optimize Web Presence

We use WordPress to develop websites because we believe it is the best way to optimize web presence so potential clients can find you easily. 

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We use WordPress to develop websites for our clients because we believe it is the best way to establish and optimize web presence so potential clients can find you easily.  With many options now available in the marketplace, here’s an explanation of why we love WordPress.

WordPress was first introduced in 2003, primarily as a simple way for people to publish and read online blogs–one of the most popular thought-sharing communication methods before social media hit the scene.  Over the years, it has expanded in complexity, with versions still appropriate for the blogging hobbyist, while other versions provide expanded functionality for small and large businesses.  Plug-ins, or additional modules designed to work with WordPress, give users the tools they need to publish high-performing internet sites.

What makes WordPress the best solution?

Why We Use WordPress to Optimize Web PresenceSince Google has captured 92.24% of the internet search market and your goal should be for potential clients to find you online, we build websites that match Google’s search engine criteria.  Technically this is called search engine optimization.

Google’s algorithms are a proprietary blend of criteria designed to identify which websites are most relevant to a user’s search query.  Although it is constantly evolving, the top components that makeup 75% of Google’s criteria include:

  1. Consistent publication of engaging content
  2. Keywords in meta tags
  3. Backlinks
  4. Niche Expertise

Other smaller components include internal links, the time visitors spend on the site, mobile-friendliness, load speed, site security, offsite mentions, structured data, keywords in URL/header tags/meta description, and other miscellaneous factors.  In short, Google is looking for unique and informative content that engages users.  Additionally, the site needs to be structured well so Google can read it.

Remember, WordPress was initially designed for blogging.  It’s a software solution designed specifically for publishing online content that other users can find based on their unique interests.  It makes it easy for website developers to post engaging content to exhibit their knowledge and experience with programming tools to ensure good site structure with identified keywords.  In other words–it’s meeting Google’s top algorithm criteria to a tee.

How do other website software solutions work?

Other website solutions on the market weren’t designed this way.  Typically these sites are intended for small businesses that are either entering the online world or selling online via clunkier services to produce quick, consolidated websites associated with an e-commerce platform.  When companies use these sites, they may have beautiful graphics and slick pages, but they are not producing the kind of data Google needs to match them appropriately to consumer searches.  Plus, they are usually confined to using that website’s e-commerce solution, which may come with hefty processing fees.

What about developing a website from scratch?

Sure, you could hire a team to build a website from scratch, but it’s not very economical or efficient.  Doing so requires a team of programmers, and their work would essentially be to recreate the technological structure a solution like WordPress already provides.  Companies did this before there were pre-built infrastructures available, and some still do today when they have sizable resources and want to be entirely proprietary.

What’s the best way for you to optimize web presence on a budget?

Developing and maintaining a successful website is work best left to professional marketers.  Marketing agencies continually monitor changes in search engine technology as well as website infrastructure functionality.  We have professionals on staff to create content in multiple mediums (video, written, podcast, etc.) that engage and inform site visitors. Our team works with companies small and large to help define online strategy, identify potential customers, and design websites with Google’s search engine optimization criteria in mind.  Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can help your company achieve its goals.

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