Do You Know How “Google My Business” Can Bring More Customers to Your Door?

Google My Business is like an electronic combination of the Yellow Pages and Billboard signage on the internet highway. 

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With Google dominating the search engine market (92.24%), implementing more ways to help your business rank highly is critical in today’s world.  More and more consumers rely on Google searches to find businesses and products to meet their needs, and many of them are now able to complete their purchases entirely online.

“Google My Business” Can Bring More Customers to Your DoorThere are many strategies we employ to help businesses achieve higher rankings on Google. A straightforward tactic, especially for brick and mortar establishments, is to optimize their use of “Google My Business.”  Google My Business is like an electronic combination of the Yellow Pages and Billboard signage on the internet highway.  To see an account in action, use Google to search for a business and see the box that appears on the right side of the screen.

For clients that wish to take on some marketing responsibilities and feel comfortable with technology, the steps to set up Google My Business accounts are reasonably easy.  Google has all the information about setting up or claiming an existing business online:  Google My Business Help.  Of course, our team at Paradux Media Group can do all the leg work for you.

Setting up the account is only the beginning!  Google uses a complex and constantly evolving system to determine which businesses are most relevant to a user’s search.  One of the elements in their algorithm is to evaluate how current the business’s information is.  Some of the ways you can keep your account active are by routinely publishing a new picture–as frequently as weekly!  Make it a habit to monitor customer reviews and the Q&A section, and be sure to respond to every entry–even if it’s just to thank the customer for their feedback.  Remember to provide relevant updates about your store procedures or information about new products and services.

If done well, your listing will help customers quickly see your store hours, location, the types of products and services you sell, and what other customers think about your company.  You should also notice an improvement in ranking on Google Maps and Google search results.  Altogether, this means more customers headed your way and more profit at the end of the year.

Are you interested in ways to increase your company’s online presence?

Our team at Paradux Media Group knows how Google works and will work with you to define a strategy to optimize your business’s exposure on the web.  Whether you are a single-site local company or a multi-location franchise in multiple states, we have the tools and resources to help you achieve success.

Give us a call today to learn more about how joining a flock will have you flying towards your goals in no time!

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