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Why You Need a Professional Graphic Designer for Logo Work

Before you attempt a DIY project for company’s logo, consider these reasons why you need a professional graphic designer to do the job.

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Why You Need a Professional Graphic Designer for Logo WorkOnline software solutions make it appear simple to design or revamp your logo on your own.  It seems that novice entrepreneurs are available around every corner to create logos and other supplementary material, likely using free or inexpensive canned software.  Before you attempt a DIY project or hire a colleague’s son or daughter to work on your company’s logo, consider these reasons why you need a professional graphic designer to do the job.

Your company’s logo may be one of the most valuable assets your business has.  A good logo conveys a story about the company in a concise, visual manner.  With the right logo, this one image will:

  • Grab the attention of potential and current customers.
  • Create brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Establish a positive first impression.
  • Differentiate your business from the competition.
  • Be memorable.

Here’s how professional graphic designers contribute to your logo’s success:

  1. They understand human psychology.  Creating a logo shouldn’t be about using the latest, popular color scheme or favorite lettering style.  There’s a significant body of research behind colors, font styles, and other design elements and how the human brain perceives them and ultimately reacts to them.  Professional graphic designers use precise knowledge to use all of these elements to communicate your message to people in the demographic profiles you want to attract.
  2. They develop unique logos.  Many canned software programs that novice marketers use contain public images or inexpensive downloads.  It’s not uncommon for businesses that use these programs to have an identical graphic image or use the same font as another business.  Later on, if you decide to copyright your logo, it may be impossible based on the public rights attached to these elements.  A professional graphic designer creates your designs from scratch.  You can rest assured that you own the rights to any pictures, fonts, or logo details.
  3. You get the file types you need.  Electronic graphic files are available in so many different types that you may require a dictionary: SVG, JPEG, EPS, TIFF, BMP, GIF, etc.  Professional graphic designers work with you to understand how you will use the logo and provide you with the right type of file and size of image to ensure your final product will look perfect.
  4. Your logo will share your story.  A professional graphic designer works with you, your company, and the marketing agency’s team to understand your brand.  Of course, your logo needs to convey the product or service your company sells.  However, a professional graphic designer will create a logo that also communicates other values of your business, such as quick response, family-owned, industry expertise, or organic materials.
  5. They consider the whole package.  Assuming your business is successful, you’ll want to use your logo for more than an order of business cards.  Consumers will view your logo on your location’s exterior, website, email headers, mailers, t-shirts or uniforms, etc.  A professional graphic designer ensures continuity between all the communication points you have with consumers.

If you’re looking for a new logo or it’s time to revamp an existing one, contact the professionals at Paradux Media Group.

Our team of graphic design, video production, and content development professionals at Paradux Media can help with everything you need to market your company.  We specialize in developing marketing plans to meet any size company’s needs and budget limitations.  Regardless of your industry or how big or small your goals are, we’ll take care of your marketing needs, so you have more time to work your business.  All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll show you how easy it is to get started.

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