Top 10 Tips On Making Effective Online Advertising Banners

Tips to create effective online advertising banners because online advertisement is speedily becoming the core advertising platform for all types of businesses.

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Online advertisement is speedily becoming the core advertising platform for all types of businesses. There was a study conducted that the income from online advertising will grow by about 40 percent until 2015. And within the next 2 years, online advertisement could soon dominate all other kinds of promotion. But, because of this not anymore new trend, competition has never been fierce as the online marketing world starts to get too crowded with ads. Remember that it is too simple for small businesses to be lost in a massive crowd.

Whether you take advantage of facebook ads, Google AdWords, content marketing, and any or the combination of these, you have to be certain that you are utilizing them to give you the best benefit. This can make your business be seen and provide you money you can save during the process.

Creative, catches your attention advertisements will assist you grab results. The way you make and combine animation, graphics, colors, and words, are vital to your success.

To start with, you have to know your goals for the campaign. You can ask yourself these queries:

    • What do I want to accomplish with this advertisement?
    • What action do I wish online audience to take once they see my campaign ad?

When you have come up with answers, then you can start to develop the message of your online advertising.

Here are tips and guidelines to be able to create effective online advertising banners.

  1. Photo Credit- ePublicist
    Photo Credit- ePublicist

    Study the most excellent examples online.

Try to survey designs and banner samples online and gather the three best that catch your attention. Take an idea from these three and come up with your own. This way, you will be able to apply the effective techniques, designs, and styles that plea to you.

2. Be lucid in your messaging and graphics.

Your main goal is to have customers take a specific action after viewing your banner. A clear and strong message can capture your readers’ and potential customers’ interest.

3. Control the size of the file.

The larger the file size gets, the slower it loads. There is no sense that you create a huge file wanting to get easily noticed and end up wasting your customer’s time because of the delay of time it requires to be loaded. A standard size of the file would be 12 to 14KB.

4. Say it in 7 words or less.

Fewer, yet catchy words can still create a bigger impact to your readers and customers. Fewer words would mean bigger font sizes.

5. Use words with power.

These power words would include “incredible”, “FREE”, “affordable” and a lot more.

6. Be careful on selecting images.

Adding images is compared to adding spices to your dishes. If you put less, the ad banner might look bland, but if you add more, it might destroy the whole thing.

7. Use contrast to catch attention.

Elements of your banner would include: bold text message, animation, drawing, and background colors. Contrast on these elements can make the banner more effective.

8. Limit the use of your fonts.

Choose one font or two when designing your advertising banner. You can choose from decorative, sans-serif, and serif.

9. Do not overdo animation.

When you put animation in your design, you have to make sure you can draw your customer’s eye without offending your viewer.

10. Less means more.

When you make an effective online advertising banner, remember that less can mean more. The messages, fonts, colors, graphics, and other elements should be limited.



Paul is a professional graphic artist and has been in an advertising design industry for a decade. He has a great passion for copywriting, communication, and online advertising. Wish to advertise your online business, click here.

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  1. Sajesh says

    Hey Paul, you have written a good piece of content so that your visitors can take advantage of your content in the process of generating good amount of revenue from their on site through advertisement banners.

  2. Anusha says

    The advertising banners play a key role in the effective marketing. This post provides some of the amazing tips for the usage of online banners. Thanks for the valuable piece of information.

  3. Xelina G says

    I’m sure designs – the colors and graphics – matters a lot. But when I try to look at a banner, it’s the truthfulness of the message that I’m always after to begin with. There are a lot of online banners promising $$$ which seems to be easily gained by just clicking on them. But then when you are directed on the site, you get disappointed and all, that it’s not that easy as how the banners seem. I guess it’s important to reflect on your banners what your site really can bring into the table.

  4. Jeny best says

    My goal is to attract readers who are looking for someone just like me to help them buy or sell real estate in a specific geographic area — and yes, there are consumers looking for someone exactly like me. My target audience is finite and smallish.

  5. Richard Thompson says

    Because of the volume of ads that people are exposed to nowadays, they can easily tell the difference between something that’s legitimate and something that’s spammy. It’s become more and more important to understand what makes a banner ad, or any ad for that matter, effective. Great tips, there are some essentials in there that everyone should know. Thanks for sharing!

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