Vital Communication Tools for Small Businesses

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There are over 27 million Small businesses in the United States, and these organizations account for between 60% and 80% of all new jobs created in the country. So they old saying that “small businesses are the backbone of the U.S.” actually has some weight behind it. And these days, technological advances in communication make it possible for more and more people to throw their hat in the ring and create a start-up small business of their own. Of course the modern communication tools that allow for people to quickly launch a new business must also be used to grow that business and have it run efficiently.

To this end, every small business must invest in a proper communications infrastructure in order to thrive. The good news is these tools are easily accessible; it’s up to the small business owner to utilize them.

Professional phone system

While there’s nothing wrong with the proprietor of a new business answering his or her single phone line, this practice doesn’t make the organization appear established. The solution is for small business owners to invest in a professional office phones system with an automatic attendant. Now, because some of these PBX systems can cost in the thousands of dollars, they aren’t always a practical option for newer, smaller organizations. The solution is to implement a virtual PBX system, such as Nextiva, in the office.

Email hosting

Just like the boss answering his or her own phones doesn’t scream “big time,” neither does sending emails from regular Aol or Yahoo address. Small businesses should invest in a professional email-hosting provider – ideally through Google Apps – that represents the company name.

Website optimization

It’s no longer enough for a small business to merely have a website – it also needs to compete for search engine rankings. That means business owners should spend the money it takes on professional website design and then focus on search engine optimization (SEO). This is the process of adding targeted keywords to website text in the hopes of achieving a high search rank on the major engines. And the best way to do this is through blogging. Business owners should add new blog posts to their site at least once a week (ideally more).

Streamline file sharing

The efficiency of inter-office communications is vitally important for organizations big and small. No business owner should have to waste time figuring out how to send individual files of varying sizes around various office computers. That’s why it’s important to implement a file-sharing program such as Dropbox or Google Drive. The sheer efficiency they provide is worth its weight in gold.

Streamline customer information

Customer relationship management (CRM) software, such as ZoHo or Salesforce, is useful to the small business owner for a number of reasons. It eliminates the need to keep track of multiple client emails by consolidating all customer info and provides ways to interact with clients without worrying about sending redundant messages.

Project management system

There’s only so much info that can be accomplished by scribbling notes on sticky paper. This is where a solid PMS system comes in handy. Business owners can ensure no task gets lost in the shuffle with programs like Teambox — and it even syncs with Dropbox.

These are the basic communications tools any smaller organization needs in place in order to ensure they can grow their business and compete with more established organizations. The nice thing is that these systems are readily available on the market in a variety of price ranges guaranteed to accommodate any budget.


Hugh Milward

Hugh Milward is a communications expert producing content online for a number of leading publications. To learn more about strategic employee engagement, visit

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  1. Joy says

    Modern Technology will surely boost and business! It will be a very good start to promote and make your business be heard in many places. Thanks for this wonderful post!

  2. Stacey says

    This post is such a good post for people who are planning or running a small businesses. Thanks for being generous about the things that we must know. Thanks a lot for sharing! 🙂

  3. Kelly says

    I agree with your post and that these tools are very vital for small business. These tools used along with good strategies and proper planning could actually help a business be successful in its operations.

  4. Vianney says

    Communication is a form of a nice advertisement for your business. And when you know how to carry out a good one, it’ll mean success for your niche! Thanks for the info! 🙂

  5. Arianne says

    With today’s competition, it would be really great for a business to have these important tools like machine technologies. Having technologies would surely help a business start good and grow more into an improved and popular one to consumers in the market. Nice share!

  6. Aayna says

    Hey Hugh,
    This post is the guiding light for individuals dealing in small business or the ones who are planning to launch a small business. Email hosting and website optimization are certainly the great tools. I have used these and have reaped in great success through them. Thanks for the share.

  7. Fatima says

    Small but necessary tools that go a long way in ensuring smooth business communication. With so many avenues of communication now available, businesses need to upgrade their systems accordingly. Great share.

  8. Purnima says

    Enlightening post for newbies like me.
    Social networks have revolutionized the way people communicate hence modern technology should be used to the optimum to leverage business. Nice share.

  9. Juliana Marcello says

    Another aspect not mentioned is that you have to have a reputable teleconference service. We\’ve been burned by a free service claiming to support the kind of volume we needed. We\’re trying one of the next generation services that are replacing the free services. They are full of advanced features and very affordable. The one we\’re currently using, Branded Bridge Line ( has been great once we worked the kinks out of working with their professional voice talent feature.

  10. Greg says

    This would be a great help for those who have small business or planning to have their own small business! even though these are just basic tools everything that is listed here is important, having all of these would give boost to your business and will help you compete on even larger companies. Good read, Thanks for sharing!

  11. moumirza34 says

    “I think this article contains huge valuable information about mortgage. This article can help by preventing risk.
    Truly its a nice job. Thank you for sharing with us. “

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