A company’s brand image is their identity in the mind of the customer. It is made up of the perceptions, views and beliefs that a consumer has about that company. While it can be formed by data, it is more often formed by impressions that the consumer has about the company.

Southern Oregon businesses wanting to thrive need to make sure that their brand image is positive in the minds of people living in Medford Oregon, Grants Pass Oregon, Eagle Point Oregon and points beyond. There are many different ways that having a positive brand image helps your business.

Consumers Use Your Brand’s Image to Form Impressions

Long before you meet most of your customer base for the very first time, they are already forming impressions about your brand’s image. Chances are strong that they have seen your postings on social media and picked up signals about your brand’s voice. They may have gone to your company’s website to learn more about you and your company’s products. Other consumers have read reviews and formed an impression of your business. Those are all brand image touchpoints that consumers use to form an impression of your company.

Customers use Brand Image to Recognize What Your Company Does and How

If you say the brand Folgers to most people, they instantly picture a cup of warm coffee or if you say the brand Mercedes-Benz, then they picture a luxury automobile. If you want to succeed in business, then you need to consider the many different elements that consumers use to form an image of your brand. Basically, your brand’s image is based on:

  • Quality standard of products sold or services offered
  • Convenience of goods and services
  • Perceived value
  • Trustworthiness

Customers Recognize a Professional Brand Image

While it may be difficult for customers to enunciate exactly the qualities that make up a professional brand, they easily recognize one when they see it. Therefore, it is important that you employ very professional branding. Concentrate on letting your brand present an engaging story to your customers that shows them your company’s purpose, agility and uniqueness. Portray your company in a way that shows them that you are here for them over the long term.

What is a Business Brand Image?

At the end of the day, your business brand image is what you offer your consumers. Remember that they have lots of choices on where to shop so convince them that they need to shop at your Southern Oregon business by presenting a professional business brand image that they can connect to easily and will form a strong image in their minds. We would love to help you with that process. Contact us today.

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