What Is Corporate Identity Branding?When we talk about identity, we refer to the aspects that differentiate us from other people...

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When we talk about identity, we refer to the aspects that differentiate us from other people. Our personalities demonstrate our uniqueness that we convey through our speech, behavior, and image. Similarly, a business makes distinguishes itself from the rest through the image it portrays to the world. This could be through business culture company brochures, business cards, and letterheads. It also includes every action, expression or culture geared at maintaining the image of the business. If properly expressed, brand identity expresses your company’s brand personality and makes you stand out in a competitive atmosphere.

Why Is Corporate Identity Branding So Important?

what is corporate identity brandingIn a world where every industry seems to be fast-paced and competitive, clients have an endless list of options to choose from when looking for services and products. A firm needs a unique strategy to establish its position in a marketplace with many players. There are strong reasons to back corporate identity as the right strategy to accomplish this business target.

Promoting Client Loyalty

There are two things that a client looks into when deciding to stick to a particular brand. Firstly, it’s the customer experience and then the level of trust between the two parties. Great corporate identity branding that reflects the culture, ambitions, goals, and ethos of the business is likely to attract and keep clients that share the same philosophy. Clients want a company that can relate to their problems, demands, and needs. They are more likely to become loyal to the firm once the latter responds effectively.

Building Strong Corporate Behavior

The image of a person or company gives us the first impression which in turn dictates how we react towards them. Businesses are not different. Clients tend to gather cues from what they see, then deduce the observations and finally create an opinion about your company. Standing out from the crowd requires building a good brand image, which can only be formed through a distinctive brand identity.

Business Augmentation

Corporate identity branding coupled with positive customer experience plays a significant role in influencing purchasing decisions. A corporate identity that depicts a strong and positive image creates a satisfactory mental image of the company in the clients’ mind. With a positive identity, you are guaranteed of excellent returns from referrals and clients that return for your services and products.

What Are The Elements Of A Proper Corporate Identity Branding?


A logo signifies the graphics section of brand identity. It is often displayed as a symbol, text or both. A good logo should help your clients to identify your company at a glance. It should be an icon symbolizing your company even without its mention.

Brand Guidelines

It can also be referred to as a brand identity manual. It ensures that everyone associated with your company works towards accomplishing the same brand identity.

Business Card

This is a piece of work that contains company information and contact details of a company representative. It should express the duty of the individual in the mentioned company.

A strong brand identity adds value to your brand. It helps you create a stronger bond between you and your clients. This leads to increased performance and growth of your business.

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